CopyBook is a simple, clean plugin for copying, saving, and loading books. If you ever get tired of copying books by hand, this plugin is for you. If you need a simple way to distribute books, this plugin is also useful.


  • Save books to individual files, each with a customizable extension (.book by default)
  • Load books from the individual files to your inventory.
  • Copy books from your hand into your inventory.
  • Give another player a book from your hand into their inventory.
  • Console can give books to players, useful for command blocks and such.
  • Players can copy books into chests that they are looking at.
  • Players can now edit books that are saved in a file
  • Players can now modify books in their hand
  • Vault Support to put prices on CopyBook commands as well as signs
  • Sign support (video tutorial coming) - Players can create signs to distribute books, with or without a price.
  • Update Notification on server startup if there is a new version available.


  • Configurable file extension for book files (.book by default)
  • Configuration to enable or disable Vault
  • Configure whether players have to have a book&quill in their hand in order to edit books, load books, or get them from signs.
  • Configure whether pricing is enabled, what the default price is, whether people with the copybook.bypass command can bypass the price, and which commands are exempt from pricing.


  • /cpb help - Lists all of the CopyBook commands.
  • /cpb copy [number] - Copies the specified number of books into your inventory. (Defaults to 1)
  • /cpb save - Saves the book in your hand to a book-specific file.
  • /cpb load <bookname> - Loads the specified book and places it in your inventory.
  • /cpb give <player> [number] - Gives the specified number of books to the specified player. (Defaults to 1.)
  • (Server-side command only) - cpb give <player> <bookname> - Gives the specified player the specified book, loaded from a file.
  • /cpb reload - Reloads the plugin (V1.1)
  • /cpb chest [number] - Copies the book from your hand into a chest that you are looking at. (V1.1)
  • /cpb edit <bookname> - Loads the book from a saved file as an editable book. You will have to save it again once you're done. (V2.0)
  • /cpb modify - Converts the book in your hand into a modifiable book. Again, you will have to sign the book again to finish it. (V2.0)
  • /cpb price [command|set] [commandName|defaultPrice] - Toggles the price functionality, sets commands that are exempt from pricing, and sets the default price. (V2.0)
  • /cpb vault - Toggles the Vault plugin. By default it is disabled in case you don't have Vault on your server. (V2.0)


  • copybook.main - Main permission for all commands.
  • - Permission to use the help command.
  • copybook.give - Permission to use the give command.
  • - Permission to use the save command.
  • copybook.load - Permission to use the load command.
  • copybook.copy - Permission to use the copy command.
  • copybook.reload - Permission to reload the plugin (V1.1)
  • copybook.chest - Permission to copy books into chests. (V1.1)
  • copybook.edit - Permission to use the /cpb edit command (V2.0)
  • copybook.modify - Permission to use the /cpb modify command (V2.0)
  • copybook.vault - Permission to turn Vault on or off (V2.0)
  • copybook.price - Permission to use the /cpb price command (V2.0)
  • copybook.bypass - Permission to bypass the configurable requirement that players have a book&quill in their hand to load or edit a book (V2.0)
  • copybook.createsign - Permission to create a CopyBook sign (V2.0)
  • copybook.signload - Permission to load books from a sign (V2.0)

To-Do List

Currently, the plugin works fine; however, these are some of the things I am going to do in the next updates.

  • - Add update notification
  • - Create sign tutorial
  • - Cleanup code to make plugin more efficient
  • - Revise file saving and loading to use YAML instead of Java File IO
  • - Fix replaceable tags
  • - Any more suggestions


Currently, there are no known bugs! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you find one, however.

Source Code

The source code is currently available on Github:


Copybook v3.0 is in the works! It should be out in a week or so. Because of the change in how book information is stored, none of the old saved books will work. However, I have created a simple, one-use plugin that will convert the old files into the new YML format. You can get the plugin .jar here:


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