This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

ContestAdmin is a plugin to manage building contests on your server. Made on request:


  • Contest starting/stopping
  • Submitting and unsubmitting entries
  • Winner promoting
  • Banning users from contests
  • Easy teleportation for judges between contest entries

Features to discuss

  • Reward system
  • Un-submitting from stopped contest


As simple as download JAR and place it in your "plugins" folder.


There's pretty much of commands, but there's also an in-game help so you don't have to worry if you can't remember them all.

  • /ca start <contest name> - Creates a contest with given name
  • /ca info <contest name>
  • /ca stop <contest name> stops given contest
  • /ca sub <contest name> - Submits your selection to given contest
  • /ca unsub <contest name> - Unsubmits your contest entry
  • /ca tp <contest name> - Teleports you to your entry in given contest
  • /ca tp <contest name> <player name> - Teleports you to player's creation in given contest
  • /ca remove <contest name> <player name> - Removes specified player's entry from contest. Note this will not prevent the player from re-submitting the entry. To prevent it, you must ban him from contest, or stop the contest.
  • /ca tpord <contest name> - Starts tping you to entries in specific contest in order(no need to enter player's name)
  • /ca purge <contest name> - Removes data about specified contest
  • /ca purge confirm - Confirms deletion of the data
  • /ca win <contest name> <player> - Promotes winner of given contest
  • /ca mod <contest name> <property> <value> - Changes property of given contest (check page 'Contest Properties' this command is trickier than you think ;) )
  • /ca list - Lists on-going contests(blue = already took part in | green = can take part in | red = can't take part in)
  • /ca who <contest name> - Lists all players who took part in specified contest


In the current state, ContestAdmin only supports SuperPerms, which satisfy most of bigger servers, but I'm also working on OP permissions or None permissions for smaller servers. Every player who can use contest admin needs permission

Permission nodes

There's a permission node for each of these commands so you have full freedom of setting up permissions.

  • ca.start - Allows /ca start
  • - Allows /ca info
  • ca.stop - Allows /ca stop
  • ...
  • ca.tpmy - Allows /ca tp <contest name>
  • - Allows /ca tp <contest name> <player name>
  • ca.purge - Allows /ca purge <contest name> and /ca purge confirm

Tutorials & Examples


  • Max amount of players per contest
  • Automatic contest closing after certain time
  • Entering contest without submitting entry(something like placeholder or so)
  • "Contest world" - world with plots of configurable size, which players join and they will be teleported to a free plot, where they can build entries
  • Builder teams
  • Voting for winner(configurable)
  • Custom messages(+ localisation)
  • Automatic rewarding
  • Anything you wish :)


Source code is available at github ->

Contact Author

If you wish to contact author somewhere else, you can do so on:


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