CommandsEX Beta 1.75


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    Jul 20, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


Beta 1.75

HAPPY 5000th BUKKITDEV DOWNLOAD DAY, yeah we couldn't do every milestone inbetween as there are so many, thanks guys!

  • added PluginMetrics support to see usage stats for CommandsEx,, you can opt out via the config file, metricsOptOut. But it would be nice if you kept metrics enabled
  • added plugin load time in console, Shows up as "CommandsEx Load Time: <0ms>", configurable in config, startupTimer - Thanks
  • added plugin update support

  • new command /blindall, Blinds the whole server!

  • new command /blind, Blinds a player or yourself!
  • new command /nanosuit, info about NanoSuit
  • new command /spawner, sets the type of spawner you are looking at
  • new command /fly, allows you to fly without creative mode
  • new command /ptime, sets a players time
  • new command /xp for all your experience needs, thanks to desht on the bukkit forums for the amazing Experience Manager
  • new command /pinfo, shows information about a player including ip address, coordinates, armor (and armor enchantments)
  • new command /cannon, to replace /kittycannon, allows the player to fire a mob.

  • improved /tpa commands with a confirmation message "Teleport Request Accepted"

  • improved the calculator command, should now be more efficient and less code
  • improved some XMPP error messages slightly
  • improved NanoSuit commands when NanoSuit is not activated.
  • improved /platform command, you now must have permission to use a custom block type as a platform
  • improved /mob command, added a limit and a bypass node plus some more minor tweaks
  • improved /time command, it can now show the current time via /time view
  • improved debug mode, it will now print stack traces when an error occurs and debug mode is active
  • improved /broadcast, will no longer announce the senders name and also supports colors :D
  • improved /cex, will now show information and version.
  • improved kittycannon, it is now /cannon and allows you to fire any kind of mob.
  • improved /online, now has an alias of /list and lists the amount of users online out of the maximum allowed
  • improved /online some more, now has more support for hidden users.
  • improved item spawning, if no amount is specified then the maximum stack size will be spawned instead.
  • improved time setting, /time set day now works :)
  • improved time viewing, now shows time in real time, e.g. 9:00 PM
  • improved player time viewing, now shows time in real time, e.g. 9:00 PM
  • improved /explode, now works without any arguments and an explosion strength can also be defined.
  • improved custom kick messages, no longer kicks all players when the server is reloaded
  • improved custom kick messages, can now be changed via the config
  • improved kicking and banning, fixed some bugs and kick messages now appear in red.

  • updated /cex config commands for the new config nodes

  • fixed removing armor with /ci when NanoSuit is active.

  • fixed double explosions with TNT Kamikaze (again)
  • fixed /back when player dies
  • fixed naming warps to create, delete, help etc
  • fixed some double spaces in warp messages
  • fixed /cex config set
  • fixed some issues with setting config values via commands
  • fixed /sethome not working
  • fixed NPE when using kit commands when none are defined
  • fixed /spawn taking you to the current players world rather than the default worlds spawn.

  • removed command /removehat, it was a useless command and had too many problems

  • changed explosion config nodes for explosion preventing (blockMobExplosionDamage, blockCreeperExplosions, blockTNTExplosions, blockFireballExplosions)

  • changed KittyCannonExplosionStrength to CannonExplosionStrength

  • new config node spawnMobLimit, sets a limit for the amount of mobs spawned via the /mob command

  • perm change cex.kittycannon is now cex.cannon

  • new perm cex.blind

  • new perm cex.blind.others
  • new perm cex.spawner
  • new perm
  • new perm
  • new perm cex.extinguish.others
  • new perm cex.platform.block.<block-id>
  • new perm cex.mob.spawn.bypasslimit
  • new perm cex.time
  • new perm cex.ptime
  • new perm cex.ptime.set
  • new perm cex.xp
  • new perm cex.xp.all
  • new perm cex.xp.view
  • new perm cex.xp.view.others
  • new perm cex.xp.set
  • new perm cex.xp.set.others
  • new perm cex.xp.give
  • new perm cex.xp.give.others
  • new perm cex.xp.take
  • new perm cex.xp.take.others
  • new perm cex.pinfo
  • new perm cex.pinfo.others
  • new perm cex.pinfo.others.ip
  • new perm cex.cannon

Command words (regexes matching against the chat which execute commands) run the commands before the chat message is broadcast, instead of afterward. The commands are still run in response to what you say in chat, it just doesn't seem like it...