CommandsEX Beta 1.70


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    Jun 26, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


  • Happy 1000th Bukkit Dev download day!

  • prep for /ownerstatus command

  • /tploc <X,Y,Z> no longer works, you must do /tploc <X> <Y> <Z> [player]

  • added /feed command to refill your food level

  • added /hat celebratory command to place block on head
  • added /calc command, a simple calculator with this syntax: /calc [add/subtract/divive/multiply/help] [number1] [number2]
  • added /clock command for a quick date/time. GMT/ENGLISH ONLY.
  • added /heal command
  • added /kickall command, supports custom kick reason
  • added /platform command
  • added /smelt command which will smelt the item in your hand without the need for a furnace
  • added /healall command to heal all players.
  • added /feedall command to feed all players
  • added /ext command to extinguish a player
  • added /give command to spawn items for other players
  • added /slapall command
  • added /warp delete synonym, /warp remove
  • added some /slap aliases, /launch /catapult

  • added secret 1000th download celebration command ;)

  • added options in the config to disable certain explosions
  • added support for recognition of weeks in /ban (and possibly other future) commands - you can now do /ban <Player> 2w

  • improved XMPP by forwarding private messages to it

  • improved XMPP in General
  • improved condensing of joins and leaves, the plugin will now check every set amount of seconds for joins and leaves and display them to the server, set the time in the config at joinSilentTime
  • improved /tpall command, you can now make the whole server teleport to someone other than yourself, /tpall [player]
  • improved /tploc command, you can now teleport another player to a location
  • improved /item command, it now works very Essentials like, /item <item-name>:[damage-value] [amount]
  • improved /slap command, players are now launched into the air rather than teleported

  • fixed players still showing in the TAB list when invisible

  • fixed invisible players showing in /online
  • fixed death messages showing while a player is invisible
  • fixed an IndexOutOfBounds exception when an invisible player leaves the server
  • fixed NullPointerException when no quizzes exist
  • fixed clear inventory not clearing the last item in the hotbar
  • fixed setrank, remrank and balance commands when economy or permission plugin is not present
  • fixed Quizzes where one of the answers was purely numeric
  • fixed Quiz error when no valid reward was found
  • fixed errors on startup if XMPP is enabled but Smack is not found.
  • fixed no permission node for /item
  • fixed players blowing up from TNT Kamikaze if they already died from the tnt/fire explosion
  • fixed players logging out while being slapped

  • possibly fixed some issues with events

  • perm change, tpaccept and tpdeny are available to everyone by default

  • new perm cex.heal

  • new perm cex.heal.others
  • new perm cex.heal.all
  • new perm cex.all
  • new perm cex.feed
  • new perm cex.feed.others
  • new perm cex.feed.all
  • new perm cex.platform
  • new perm cex.tpall
  • new perm
  • new perm cex.kick.bypass
  • new perm cex.kick.all
  • new perm cex.smelt
  • new perm cex.extinguish
  • new perm cex.item
  • new perm cex.give
  • new perm cex.calculator
  • new perm cex.hat
  • new perm cex.slap.all

Command words (regexes matching against the chat which execute commands) run the commands before the chat message is broadcast, instead of afterward. The commands are still run in response to what you say in chat, it just doesn't seem like it...