CommandsEX Beta 1.55


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    May 27, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R3.0


This is mostly a bugfix release, with one feature request implementation.

  • fixed permission nodes for rain and storm commands (they are now and instead of cex.rain and cex.storm)

  • fixed URL leading to explanation about Chat Color Codes

  • fixed startup of CommandsEX, so it doesn't add all default values into config (like kits and such) every time it does not find it there... annoying internal Bukkit functionality :P

  • fixed error in invite and uninvite commands in homes

  • fixed on/off message for chat spying

  • fixed quiz errors for answers that were purely numeric

  • fixed description of kits and their permissions in the config file

  • optimized muting when there are no players muted anymore

  • added inv command, allowing players to go invisible

  • added keep-alive messages into XMPP (Jabber) chat bridge, so in case nobody is on the server for configurable amount of time, the bot will send a
    (ping) message to keep the connection alive

  • added join/leave notification bypass in XMPP (Jabber) chat bridge when a user enters the Jabber chat room (i.e. no join/leave message in MC chat)

  • added possibility to create kits that are automatically given to a player upon joining the server for the first time

  • added NanoSuit functionality! Equip a chainmail armor to blast away with super-natural-powers!

  • removed Slovak language translation... 2 reasons: translator is no longer available and nobody uses it

Command words (regexes matching against the chat which execute commands) run the commands before the chat message is broadcast, instead of afterward. The commands are still run in response to what you say in chat, it just doesn't seem like it...