CommandLogger simply logs all commands to the server log and console in the format of [CommandLogger] <playername> /<command> <params>

Basically an enderdragon spawned on my main world and I have no idea who did it. Now I will know who used the spawnmob command if it happens again. This may also be useful if a staff member is spawning items that he/she shouldn't be. This plugin is extremely simple and lightweight. If you have any feature requests I'd be happy to hear them.


  • Simply put the .jar folder in your /plugins directory and then start your server.


  • There is no configuration needed. It will log every command to the server log and console automatically.
  • I plan on adding a config for a whitelist or blacklist of commands you dont want it to listen for


  • commandlogger.toggle (lets you use /comlog toggle to toggle notifications of commands used ingame)
  • commandlogger.silent (Prevents your commands from showing up for other players who have comlog toggled on)


  • /comlog toggle (lets your recieve incoming notifications of commands used ingame)

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