Explanation of Properties File for CommandLimiter

#===CommandLimiter Properties File=== #--GENERAL PROPERTIES-- no-uses-left=%DARKRED% [CMDLimiter] Sorry, you cannot use %COMMAND% again because you have %USES% left. //above message is the message player receives when they have no uses left. used-once=%GREEN%[CMDLimiter] You have used %COMMAND% successfully. You have %USES% uses left. //above message is the message a player gets when they successfully use a limited command once. money-taken=%GREEN%[CMDLimiter] %COMMAND% has cost you %COST%. You have %BALANCE% left in your bank account. //above message is the message player receives when money has been taken from their account.(iConomy) not-enough-money=%DARKRED%[CMDLimiter] You do not have enough money to use %COMMAND%. //above message is the message player receives when they do not have enough money for a command. error=%DARKRED%[CMDLimiter] An error has occurred. Try reloading this plugin after changes to the properties file. //above message is the error message if something is wrong with properties file or plugin. valid-colors=%BLACK%, %DARKBLUE%, %DARKGREEN%, %TEAL%, %DARKRED%, %PURPLE%, %GOLD%, %GRAY%, %DARK GRAY%, %BLUE%, %GREEN%, %AQUA%, %RED%, %PINK%, %YELLOW%, %WHITE% //above line is the color codes you can use for the message colors. Be sure to keep the % before and after. use-limit=true use-cost=true use-cooldown=false //above three lines are either true/false depending on which feature you want to use(you can use all three at the same time) Tag=[CMDLimiter] //above line is the tag for all messages a player gets except the ones that you can change in the properties file #--COMMANDS-- #(Be sure to delete the sample commands!) #Note: If you wish to limit a command with an argument such as /cl reload, put a backslash before the space! #Note: ALWAYS put in the order [Limit],[Cost],[Cooldown Time in Seconds] separated by a single comma and NO spaces!! # If you are not using one or more of the features then simply omit it, following the order specified above when # defining them, and make sure you specify in the general properties which features are on or off. /samplecommand=limit,cost,cooldown /sample\ command\ with\ spaces=limit,cost,cooldown /pl=5,1,10


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