CommandBouncer can help you in many ways. For example if a player sends a command such as /op you can make CommandBouncer send this /ban player Don't do that!
Or if you want your players to be able to get diamonds if they type /diamonds you can do that.

If you need help to understand the config.yml please check out this page!

What does it do?

Here is some examples on how to use this plugin:

Example 01 In this example we can see how the player exacutes /op, and the plugin that listens on this command disables that command and executes a own one.

Example 02 The plugin can also be used to send commands as the sender,(in this case named "player").
In this case it's used to use shortcut commands. For this to work the player will need permission for both this plugin to listen on the player and for the command that the plugin will execute.


  • Download the .jar file
  • Drag the .jar file into your plugins folder
  • Restart your server
  • Configure the Config.yml inside /plugins/commandbouncer/

    This plugin uses Gravity's Updater v2.0. To disable version checks set auto-update and warn-update to false. (Though that's not nice :( )


/CommandBouncer/CmdbncMain command


commandbouncer.*opAdmin rights. The player can do everything and has every permissions for commandbouncer
commandbouncer.cmd.commandbouncerdefeaultGive players permission to use /commandbouncer
commandbouncer.cmd.commandbouncer.reloadopGive players permission to use /commandbouncer reload
commandbouncer.cmd.commandbouncer.listopGive players permission to use /commandbouncer list
commandbouncer.cmd.commandbouncer.reportopGive players permission to use /commandbouncer report
commandbouncer.cmd.commandbouncer.supportopGive players permission to use /commandbouncer support
commandbouncer.cmd.commandbouncer.updateopGive players permission to use /commandbouncer update
commandbouncer.cmd.commandbouncer.aboutdefaultGive players permission to use /commandbouncer about
commandbouncer.listen.cmd<cmd number>opThe plugin will listen when you do the command that's on cmd<number>: in your config.yml
commandbouncer.listen.*opThe plugin will listen on every command the player does


Are you a Java/Bukkit developer?
You can find the code here (Note that this plugin is under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)!)
If you're intrested in helping us with this plugin contact us on our IRC!


Do you get a error when you try to use this plugin? Then follow these instructions:

  1. Change "debug:" to true in your config.yml
  2. Delete/Rename your server.log and restart your server
  3. Do as you did when you got the error.
  4. Stop you'r server and pastie your server.log
  5. Join our IRC and send us the pastie link. Then wait for a reply (It can take a while)

Remember to give your players permission to use the cmd! commandbouncer.listen.cmd<number> .
Replace <number> with the number of the cmd!

Need help?

This plugin is ecuiped with a pastebin module which makes it possible for us to recive your config and latest.log when ever you need help! Of cource you can choose not to share this with us via the config.
How do I do this?

  1. Enter /commandbouncer support in-game or in the console. You will now receive a message that looks like this: Example of /commandbouncer support
    Click the first blue link that starts with "" and press "Yes" when minecraft asks you if you want to open the link.
  2. A webpage will now open in your standard browser. Click the "Connect" button.
  3. You will now connect to a chatroom with some developers. When you connect please state your issue and wait for a reply. It might take a while for you to receive a reply from us. Be patient!
    Example of a chatroom window| 10 10


We use mcstats for this plugin. Here's a graph over how many servers/players that use this plugin.


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