Take control of combat on your server! Allow players to toggle individual PvP, lock them to prevent them toggling PvP, with more to come!


/pvpToggle your own individual PvPcc.pvp/pvptoggle OR /cc-
/pvpadminView PvP admin help menucc.pvpadmin/pvpa OR /cca-

Admin Commands

/pvpa listList all players who have personal PvP enabledDefaults with cc.pvpadmin-
/pvpa checkCheck if a specific player has PvP enabledDefaults with cc.pvpadmin-
/pvpa set [player / *] [true / false]Set a player's PvP statecc.pvpadmin.set/pvpadmin set Chinwe true
/pvpa lock [player / *] <s>Prevent a player from changing their PvP state - optionally silentcc.pvpadmin.lock/pvpadmin lock Chinwe s
/pvpa reloadReloads the configcc.pvpadmin.reload-
/pvpa worldsView world commands helpcc.pvpadmin.worlds-

Multiworld Support

Multiple worlds are now supported! You will find that worlds.yml will generate in your CombatControl directory. In this, you can find the three lists - noToggleWorlds, enabledWorlds and disabledWorlds.

noToggleWorlds: worlds where players without permission 'cc.noToggleExempt' cannot toggle PVP.
enabledWorlds: worlds where PVP is forced upon those who do not have permission 'cc.forceExempt'.
disabledWorlds: worlds where PVP is disabled for those who do not have permission 'cc.forceExempt'.

Please make sure that you do not put the same world in both enabledWorlds and disabledWorlds - you cannot do this via commands but you can by editing the file manually. If there is a world in both, a message will be logged to the console, as well as notifying players with the permission node cc.pvpadmin.worlds.

Use the following commands to manipulate these lists from ingame, although you can also do so by editing worlds.yml manually.

/pvpadmin worlds ...DescriptionPermissionExample
...add [worldname] [0 / 1 / 2]Add a world to worlds.ymlcc.pvpadmin.worlds.add/pvpa worlds add world_nether 1
...remove [worldname] [0 / 1]Remove a world from worlds/ymlcc.pvpadmin.worlds.remove/pvpa worlds remove world_nether 1
...listList all worlds in worlds.ymlcc.pvpadmin.worlds.list-
...checkCheck the status of your current world!cc.pvpadmin.worlds.check-

Extra permissions


Alerts a player on a reload if there is an update available.


Allows a player to set the PvP state of every player on the server.


Allows a player to lock/unlock all players on the server.


Prevents a player's PvP state from being changed when travelling to a world with PvP enabled/disabled.


Allows a player to use /pvp, even if they are in a world listed in noToggleWorlds.


The config is now long enough to be granted its own page!


Remember that this is beta at the moment! There are many features to come!

  • Change player tag colour when PvP is enabled
  • Prevent players dropping items when killed (toggleable in config)
  • Set default PvP mode in config (all players have PvP enabled by default)
  • Give option to kill on PvP log
  • Allow server owners to easily edit and/or translate the messages sent to players
  • Multiworld support
  • PvP pressure plates to force PvP unto a player, at a PvP arena entrance for example.
  • Got a suggestion? Post it in the comments!

Solutions to Common Problems

  • Make sure PvP is enabled in your
  • Make sure PvP is enabled in your world if using Multiverse (/mv modify set pvp true)
  • Currently, CombatControl overrides other plugins attempting to enable PvP - players must have /pvp enabled in order to be able to fight
  • Getting NullPointerExceptions at net.chunk64.chinwe.CombatControl.utils.Utils.processMessage( ? Delete your messages.yml and /pvpadmin reload.

    You can opt-out of anonymous statistics collection by editing the file found in plugins/PluginMetrics/

    Want to see it in action?
    Come and try it out at Chunk64


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