Color Writer

Hey guys, this is a simple, but effective and stabil plugin to write with colors in Minecraft.

What could you do with this plugin?

  • If you write a "&" + Hex numbre in the chat, it will be replaced through the appendant color(see image for Hex numbres)
  • If you start your message with "!", your name will disappear and just the message is displayed
  • Like in the chat, you can also use the color codes on signs. Just write "&" + Hex numbre(see image)

Permissons and commands

/colors [Permissons: ColorWriter.writecolors] displays all colors like in the image
Attention: In the new version the permisson was renamed to "ColorWriter.displaycolors". The new version will be released on 14.02.2016

ColorWriter.Colors: To use color codes
ColorWriter.NoName: To hide the name with a "!"
ColorWriter.Sign: To use color codes on a sign
ColorWriter.RandomColors: To write write with random colors


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