Coins is a bonus system for players.

The admin can give Coins for donations or for excellent services. You can connect multiple server with a MySQL database or local SQLite.
Coins is only the core-plugin for organise Coins. For features like own commands look at the addon section.

THIS is the original plugin for free since 2012...

an API (for developer)
a Metrics System
a AutoUpdate System
a premium/VIP currency
reward your members for good work with Coins
multiple server support (with MySQL)
you can earn money for Coins for example 500 Coins for 5$, just an example!
use UUID (1.8 compatible)
compatible with spigot and bukkit plugins

CustomCommandBuilder (CCB)

Allow you to use money or Coins to execute your own commands. (to the CCB BukkitDev page)

Plugin VersionMinecraft VersionBukkit VersionDownload JAR
3.0.5every 1.8.* (also 1.7.10)1.8.8Download
3.0.4every 1.8.* (also 1.7.10)1.8.8Download & Permissions

prefix command: /c, /cc, /cs, /coins
permission groups: coins.admin (all commands), coins.client (money, moneyOther, convert)

/c money (player)Shows your Coins and the Coins of other,
/c convert [amount]convert money to Coinscoins.client.convert
/c set [player] [amount]Sets a certain number of coins for the playercoins.admin.set
/c add [player] [amount]Adds coins to the players totalcoins.admin.add
/c take [player] [amount]Take coins from the playercoins.admin.take
/c reloadreload the config (WIP)coins.admin.reload
/c info(/version/about)Info about me :D and the version of the plugin
/c helpHelp command for the plugin

()= optional, []= must enter

I get this error "Unsupported major.minor version 52.0" what going wrong?
You use Java 7. Please update your Java to Java 8 and this error is fixed!
Here is an massiv error in my log. What now?
Copy the hole log to and post it in the comment section!

Support me and donate! Here Serverlist&f=Calibri-Bold&ts=23&tc=ffffff&tshs=1&tshc=222222&it=png&c=5&bgt=gradient&bgc=e3d94f&ebgc=877d22&hp=20&vp=11Featured Serverlist

Do you have a server running this plugin?
Write a comment with the IP ;D

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