This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

CommandPortals - By KingFaris10

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What is CommandPortals?

CommandPortals is a very simple plugin that makes portals that runs a command when a player steps on them. The reason it's simple is because there's only 3 commands and a few permissions!

Advantages of using this plugin

Why use this plugin? Well, in this plugin, when you create a portal, it doesn't make it set to a specific block and so you can have an invisible portal or a pressure plate or any block. Also, in the configuration you can add a delay in seconds as to when to execute the command. Lastly, there are very few permission nodes that are easy to remember and 3 commands. From version 1.0.4 and upwards, you can add multiple locations as one portal by modifying the portal configuration. It also has built-in WorldEdit support so you can use that instead of modifying the portal configuration.


Stand on a block and type /addcmdportal <portal> <command>

'<portal>' can be replaced with any name. The only time the <portal> bit is actually used is when you delete the portal or add more commands to it.

'<command>' is the command to make the player run. Do not type the slash for the command unless it's WorldEdit where it uses double slashes. Use one slash in that case. You can use <player> inside the <command> to be replaced with the player's name.

Commands and Permissions

N/aUse a command portal.cmdportals.use
addcmdportalCreate a command portal or add commands to an existing portal.cmdportals.create
delcmdportalDelete a command portal.cmdportals.delete
listcmdportalsList all the command portals.cmdportals.list


You do not need to do anything with the configuration files except 'config.yml' located in '/plugins/CommandPortals/'.

You can change the delay (in seconds) as to when the commands are to be executed when the player steps on it.


This plugin is 100% compatible with WorldEdit and has a built-in system that allows WorldEdit selections to be set as command portals. Although, WorldEdit is NOT required to use this plugin normally.


Feel free to post suggestions in the comments box.

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Thank you

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