This plugin utilizes the DisguiseCraft API so that, upon joining, players can be disguised as a specified player. For example, one could turn all the players on his server into Herobrine!

Development of this plugin was sponsored by Dirkocraft. Go check them out!


  • Configurable player disguise (e.g. Herobrine, Notch, Tux2)
  • Configurable disguise cancel commands (e.g. /done, /lol)
  • Configurable disguise notification (e.g. You are now a clone!)

Permission Node:

  • clonecover.exempt - Is not disguised upon joining. (defaulted to nobody)

How to use:

  1. Place the CloneCover.jar into your plugin directory.
  2. Start or reload your server.
  3. Edit the CloneCover.cfg file to your liking.
  4. Restart or reload your server.
  5. All players who join are now disguised. Be wary of the exempt permission.


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