ClockSign - Create signs that display time.

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General Information

ClockSign is a quite unique plugin that allows creating special signs which display the current time, whether that be of your server's world's time, or the time of your own country. They can be customized with color-coded labels.


The labels and timezones of clocks can be edited through either right-clicking one to edit the label, or right-clicking while sneaking/crouching to edit the timezone. Each clock can be locked by the owner of that clock, which then prevents other players from editing or destroying them.


Planned Features

  • Option to save clocks to a MySQL database.


Many hours have gone into making this plugin, to make a unique addition to your server, and to ensure that all functions are working as intented. If you would like to donate to me, feel free to do so, it is much appreciated


Important notes

  • This plugin's features may be used for non-commercial and/or commercial use. Selling access to any of the features of the plugin on your server is allowed.
  • Using the plugin's source code for educational or personal use is allowed. Copying it and/or using it for commercial use is extremely prohibited!
  • By using this plugin, you accept the license that comes with it.


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