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CityZen is the premier City-management plugin. With simple-yet-powerful City creation and management tools, your players can run their own autonomous Cities, complete with micromanagement, block protection, rewards, and loads of options.

What is it?

CityZen is a City Management plugin that works with three basic concepts:

  • Citizen - Any player on the server. Citizens can join a City, can own Plots, have Reputation, and can receive Rewards.
  • City - A group of Plots with Citizens as residents. Citizens join a City, then build inside their Plots
  • Plot - A protected region that is part of a City. Players can own Plots, allowing them to build inside them, while being protected from others.

Additionally, CityZen includes the following features:

  • Reputation - A score that indicates how involved a Citizen is with the plugin and server. Modify it with commands, so that any plugin or command block can give players Reputation. Also applies to Cities!
  • Rewards - Commands that are run on behalf of players or Cities for reaching configurable Reputation milestones. Set up your own rewards for a truly unique experience.

Each of these concepts has loads of depth and options associated with them. For more information, see the Learn More section.

Learn More

To learn more about this plugin, including Commands, Permissions, Configs, and Setup, visit the Wiki.

To view the source code and get involved with development, visit the project on github.

Optional Dependencies

  • WorldGuard - Plots respect WorldGuard regions
  • Vault + any economy plugin - Buy/sell plots in your City

Problems? Questions? Suggestions?

To get help with any problems or errors you encounter, as well as to suggest new features, visit the Issues page on GitHub. Please DO NOT report issues as comments on this page, as they will not be checked! Remember, comments are for hugs, not bugs.


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