CityScape v0.1.3.0 (JAR Only)


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    Aug 10, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R0.1



  • Added Citizens Integration
    • Requires Citizens 2.0.9-A3 or higher
  • Added More Buildings
    • /c addBldg [city] [bldg] (q)
    • Schematics are now included in the JAR
    • Added Building Names:
      • HouseA (upgradable up to level 6)
      • HouseB (upgradable up to level 6)
  • Added Automatic Terrain Recognition
    • The city will still start at the block you look at, however we now look at the surroundings to determine if the terrain is good enough to build.
    • If terrain is too steep, the building will not be built.
    • The schematic will be moved up or down as much as it needs to in order to blend in with its surroundings the most.
  • Added Saving/Loading
    • /city|cty|c save|load <city#>
  • Added Signs to be changed automatically
    • Currently placed manually using /city|cty|c material|mat [city#] TownHall
    • Currently does not report needed materials
  • Added City Status Report
    • To be used automatically to determine possible upgrades for the city
    • Temporarily accessed by using /city|cty|c info [city]
  • Added Official Schematic Convention
    • Used to generate the smoothest terrain possible
    • View the convention here.
  • Added Quick Build option to city creation
    • /mc (q)
  • Removed requirement for external schematics
    • External schematics may still be used, but they must match the file name of buildings in the plugins (i.e. "TownHall1")


  • Updated for CraftBukkit 1.6.2-R0.1


  • This version is for Minecraft 1.4.6/7. Only changes to reflect new class & import names.


  • This version is for Minecraft 1.4.5. Nothing changed except import package names.


  • This version is for Minecraft 1.4.4+
  • This will not work with any previous version of Minecraft. Make SURE you are on 1.4.4 or 1.4.5
  • The only thing changed in this version are the obfuscated method names to match 1.4.x


  • Updated to be compatible with the new WE v5.4 schematic load/save methods.
  • IMPORTANT: This version REQUIRES WE v5.4 at a minimum. It will not work with WE v5.3.


  • Only upped a jar lat time, this zip also includes the schematics. Other than that the file is mostly unchanged.
  • Same warnings as last time apply. I can't run MC on this laptop so I can't test. This may either work beautifully, or not at all.

EDIT: Did some testing; all seems to be well. Please report any bugs as tickets.

Version 0.1.2

  • 1.3 Compatibility:
    • Updated NPCLib to latest (1.3 compatibility) version.
    • I am unable to test at present (only have laptop), but the code should be fairly unchanged. I'll test when I get home and have time but this should work fine in theory.

To clarify: This is the only version that is compatible with 1.3.x and I half expect it to not work.

Version 0.1.1

  • Added Feature: Quick Build
    • Quickly upgrade a building simply by adding "quick" at the end of the command.
    • This will probably NOT be permanent, and is currently implemented for testing purposes.
  • Fixed Bug: A LOT more stable.
  • Fixed Bug: Builders will no longer die while building.
  • The Town Hall will now be built in seconds, but upgrades will be normal speed (unless you specify "quick")
  • Enhanced the Town Hall schematics, and added chests and signs (to set up for later versions)
  • Notes:
    • Since we have not developed a smart-terrain-finding method, we have the height for schematics hard-coded to have ground level 5 blocks up from the bottom. If you want to have NPC's build your own buildings, then for now keep that in mind.
    • There is a possibility that the speed of quick-building may overload clients (not servers (at least, not to our knowledge)), so please be weary of the implications, and your PC's hardware.
    • Reiteration: if you would like an NPC to build one of your own schematics, then try naming it "TH2". That way, the plugin will quick-build the Town Hall, then allow you to overwrite it with your schematic (with or without the option of quick building).
    • If you are looking to this plugin to take the load off of your server for pasting World Edit schematics, then look the other way. Our plugin still loads the schematic, and then uses extra (not much, but still extra) resources to maneuver the NPC.

Version 0.1.0

  • Added Feature: Added world edit schematic recognition (WorldEdit is REQUIRED)
    • NPC's will now build buildings from scratch, and upgrade them (if they have a newer version of the schematic)
      • This version contains a "Town Hall" and 5 upgrades for it.
      • If you wish to use your own schematic, then you will have to overwrite the "TH1" file (it must be named "TH1")
  • Added Feature: Revised commands
    • To start building a town hall, type "/mc" (short for "make city")
      • The MC command spawns an NPC (if one doesnt already exist)
      • The NPC will snake around, placing blocks until the schematic is complete
    • To upgrade, type "/city upg [city#] [building name] [building#]
      • If you do not change the files, you can upgrade the town hall with "/city upg 0 TH [#]" where [#] is 2-6
      • The NPC will replace old blocks with new ones (and break blocks if needed)
  • Added Feature: Materials of recognition:
    • Clay Block
      • Clay Blocks will be completely ignored in the schematic. This is different from air, cause if air exists, then the NPC will break the block to make air.
      • Reasoning for skipping clay is used to make borders of properties, so that the edges will be smooth and follow the terrain
    • Bedrock
      • ALL bedrock will be replaced by the default material.
      • We define the default material as the surface block that the building is placed on (either grass, dirt, or sand)
      • Reasoning for replacing bedrock is to allow for various terrain types
  • Warning: This version can be rather unstable. It will most likely freeze your server, or the plugin may just stop working. This is due to vanilla bugs that we are currently squashing.
  • Notice: For debugging reasons, NPC's will build at approximately 1 tick per block (20 blocks per second). This is to help us pick out bugs, analyze upgrading, and for a good laugh. The final version is intended to have 4 or 5 ticks per block (4 or 5 blocks per second).
  • Removed Feature: NPC's will no longer cancel block placement, and walk to your blocks.

Version 0.0.2

  • When a block is placed, the even is cancelled and the NPC will walk to where you tried to place a block, and place it for you. This is to prove the concept of walking and placing.
  • NPC's are now developed enough to begin work with WorldEdit. Expect some sort of automated building soon!

Version 0.0.1

  • Beginnings of code
  • Spawn npc's with /npc create (this command will not be used in the final version)
  • NPC's will looks at players within 4 blocks
  • NPC's will walk to a position 1 of 2 ways:
    • Placing a block (the NPC will walk to the block)
    • On command /npc move [ID]
      • Moves to the block at the players' cursor.