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This plugin is in beginning stages of development. A general list of TO-DOs is now available.

CityScape was originally intended to be a very basic, very crude square-grid village generator. We quickly realized that method would be very lackluster. We were going to add NPC's anyway, so we decided to scrap our original idea and make something even better! We are now working on making a non-official Millénaire replica. Please note that we are not affiliated with the developer(s) of Millénaire, nor are we using any of their code. This plugin will be designed from the ground up as an NPC interaction plugin that intends to accomplish the following:

  • NPC building (using NPC's to build structures from a list of World Edit schematics)
  • NPC roles (including but not limited to; builders, civilian, miner, deliverer, and more)
  • Resource donation (storing resources in a chest in the town hall, to be taken by builders)
  • Economy support (paid for your donations)
  • Automation (mines, tree farms, and more, used to collect resources automatically)
  • (tentative) Spout integration, for NPC textures.

I've always wanted to see Millénaire available for multiplayer, and after a year of waiting we decided to take it up ourselves and replicate it (without outright copying it) to the best of our abilities.

As of right now, we are coding the core aspects of the plugin. We are getting closer to releasing a beta!

To view all city commands, please go here.

Like what were doing? Wanna help? Donate!

CityScape require the server to be running Java 1.7 and World Edit 5.5.7+


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