What this plugin does is very simple: it teleports players to a random location within a given area. With a simple command, /ctp, you can teleport yourself to a random location.


This plugin allows players to teleport themselves or other players to a random location. There are 5 different modes of teleportation:

  • Inside a circle: players will be teleported anywhere inside a circle.
  • Ouside a circle: same as above, but to the outside of a circle. Not recommended in slow servers, as the players can be teleported to very big coordinates, making the server lag.
  • Inside an annulus (the area between two circumferences).
  • The perimeter of a circumference.
  • Anywhere in the map (also not recommended for slow servers).

The circles above are either centered on the player or on a point defined in config.yml (see below for +info).

All these are configurable by setting minRadius and maxRadius in config.yml (or using /ctpadmin).

Players can be teleported to a location relative to their current position or to an absolute location based on a world:(x,z) coordinate defined in the config.


To install this plugin, simply download CircleTP.jar to your plugins folder and reload the server.


  • /ctp (without argument) - teleport the player to a random location
    • /ctp [player] - teleport [player] to a random location
  • /ctpadmin - used to configure the plugin
    • /ctpadmin setcenter (must be run by a in-game player) - defines the world:(x,z) coordinate for absolute teleportation.
    • /ctpadmin setmaxradius [int] - defines the maximum radius to teleport a player. Must be greater than minRadius, except for 0, if you want players to be teleported to very big coordinates (not recommended!).
    • /ctpadmin setminradius [int] - defines the minimum radius to teleport a player.
    • /ctpadmin tell [true|false] - if someone uses /ctp [player] to teleport other player, if the teleported player should know who teleported him.
    • /ctpadmin tpmode [true|false] - if teleportation is relative (true) or absolute (false)
    • /ctpadmin forceheight [int] - if [int]=-1, players will be teleported to the highest block of the random destination. If [int]>-1, players will be teleported to the selected height. It can be useful in flat worlds with an hollow layer under the top layer, but it is not recommended in regular worlds, as players can be teleported inside a block or to mid-air.
    • /ctpadmin cooldown - defines the cooldown period (set to 0 to disable).
    • /ctpadmin checkconfig - displays how the plugin is configured
    • /ctpadmin locale - changes the plugin language
    • /ctpadmin reload - reloads the config file
  • /ctphelp or /ctph - displays command help
  • /ctpver - displays plugin information


You should change the configurations described in the section above to meet your needs.

If you encounter any difficulties when updating from an earlier version, try deleting the plugin folder "CircleTP" in the "plugins" folder.

Make sure that maxRadius > minRadius (except for maxRadius = 0, which deactivates the maximum radius). The plugin will not allow you to enter a value of minRadius greater than maxRadius and vice versa. Although, if you change the configurations in the config.yml file and then reload it, and if you set minRadius > maxRadius, the plugin will warn you to that and no players will be able to use /ctp until you correct this situation.

Creating signs

To create a teleportation sign, place a sign and write "[CTP]" or "[CircleTP]" (without quotes, case insensitive) in the sign's first line. These signs can only be created by players with permission node "CircleTP.createSign", otherwise the sign is removed.

Restricted Blocks

If you don't want players to be teleported to certain blocks, you must specify the blocks' IDs in the list "forbiddenBlocks" in "config.yml". Here you can get a list of the blocks' IDs. Do not use block subtypes!



  • CircleTP.ctp - allows the player to teleport himself
  • CircleTP.ctp.others - allows the player to teleport other players
  • CircleTP.override - allows players to override teleportation cooldown
  • CircleTP.createSign - allows the player to create teleportation signs
  • CircleTP.admin - allows the player to change configurations and reload config file
  • - allows the player to see the plugin command help
  • CircleTP.ver - allows the player to see the plugin information

Note that a player without CircleTP.ctp, but with CircleTP.ctp.others will not be able to teleport himself even if he uses "/ctp his-own-name".


Localization is only compatible with version 1.1 or higher.

If you want to use the plugin in your language, you must change "locale: en-US", in the config.yml file, to the locale that matches your language and region. Translations are included in the jar file, however, newer versions may be available before a plugin update and must be downloaded through this page.

Translate the plugin to your language! Go to this page.

Available translations

If you haven't got the localization files yet, download them to the "l10n" folder in "plugins/CircleTP".

  • en-US English (English, United States) [en-US]
  • pt-PT Portuguese (Portugu√™s, Portugal) [pt-PT]

Get the translation files.

Source code

You can check the source code here.


This plugin collects information about its usage. This information is anonymous. It does not identify you or your server and it's publicly available here. Data collection is optional, and you can disable it setting "metrics: true", in config.yml, to "false". Metrics

Change log

  • v1.1.1 (11 Feb 2014)
    • Fixed: chances of players falling through the floor are smaller.
  • v1.1 (1 Feb 2014)
    • Fixed: players now can't be teleported while inside a boat or minecart, or while riding a pig or an horse.
    • Added localization
      • en-US Added English [en-US]
      • pt-PT Added Portuguese [pt-PT]
    • Added command "ctphelp" and "ctph"
    • Added block restriction
  • v1.0 (23 Dec 2013)
    • Added teleportation signs
    • Added teleportation cooldown
    • Typing "/ctpadmin" with no arguments displays the command list
  • v0.9.2 (13 Nov 2013)
    • Added plugin metrics
    • Changed packages names.
  • v0.9.1 (29 Oct 2013)
    • Due to a name conflict, the plugin name was changed from RandomTeleport to CircleTP, and thus its commands, permission nodes and configuration files.
  • v0.9 (29 Oct 2013)
    • Initial Beta submission


  • Players might fall through the floor, although the chance is small.


Keep up with plugin updating in this blog.


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