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Chunky Basics

Chunky is a plugin with a simple set of core front-end functionality. It allows players to own chunks (16x16x128 blocks). There is a powerful permission system that allow's chunk owners to assign various permission types to other players to restrict or grant access as they see fit. The 4 types of permissions are build, destroy, item use, and switch.

But that's been done before...
The real beauty of Chunky is it's module API. Everything described above can be changed to your hearts desire. Don't want players to be able to own chunks? That's fine! Want them to own other players instead? They can! Chunky's module API uses an event system similar to Bukkit's own event system so if you know how to make plugins it's not hard to mod Chunky.

Chunky developers are on hiatus right now. Potential for more development in january 2012. Lots of awesome games have come out in Q4 2011 which is my reason for the hiatus. Swearword is working on another non-minecraft project which is his reason. We haven't given up though.

As for the website... Swearword was unable to host it anymore. We'll see about getting some docs up on here in the mean time. No promises though.

Chunky Admins

For installation, you install Chunky the same way as any other plugin. After running once, it will create a config.yml file where you may change important settings. For first time set up, make sure to set up your MySQL information if you wish to use MySQL. Chunky will always fall back to SQLite if you do not use MySQL or there are any issues.

Chunky Developers

It's pretty easy to start developing modules for Chunky. The event system works just like Bukkit and there is also a command API to easily manage Chunky related commands.
Chunky modules are just Bukkit plugins that take some extra steps. First, you have to make sure Chunky loads before your plugin. Then, to get started, you can use the static method:


That method gives you Chunky's Module manager which is where you register your events and commands.
The core aspect of Chunky is that all classes you create that extend ChunkyObject are inherently "ownable" by other ChunkyObject's. What ownership means is for you to decide. As a friendly gesture, we've taken care of ownership persistence for you. We may also end up adding a persistence API that will allow you to register your ChunkyObjects for persistence in our database.


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