Christmas Chest

Present Chest

This plugin, Christmas Chest, is for people who wants to give rewards, or presents, to people.


  • Allows for editing Item Data - Custom names, lores, and enchantments.
  • More than one christmas chest
  • Supports colour codes for names and lores
  • Custom Prefix
  • Multiple Chests

Commands and Permissions

/cchest createcchest.adminGives you a "Present Chest", and when you place this down, it will create a Present Chest there.
/cchest reloadcchest.adminReloads the config file.
/cchest reset [Player]cchest.adminAllows them to reset cooldown for a user
Place Christmas Chestcchest.create OR cchest.adminAllows them to place a Christmas Chest down
Break Christmas Chestcchest.break OR cchest.adminAllows them to break a Christmas Chest

Configuration Help

Click here to go to the Configuration Help.

Checklist of things to do:

  • Changeable separators in Item manager
  • Multiple Christmas Chests [I will make this available by christmas! :D]
  • Settable cooldown time
  • Custom Prefix
  • Command for finding all Christmas Chests in the world
  • Adding Metrics
  • In Game Report Command - Report errors from inside the game (This is still under development)
  • Version checker
  • Config editable in game
  • Auto In Game Updater
  • Play music when received a reward
  • Add 1.8 compatibility

Metrics for Christmas Chest: Metrics

Hoping someone would make a video for this maybe? Thanks, and please reply if you did make a video on this.


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