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  • ShadowSamara created this issue Feb 17, 2021

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    Plugin Version

    [The full plugin version that you are running from /version ChestShop. Please test on the latest development build too:]
    Version 3.11 (build 213)


    Plugin Config

    [The full config.yml file of ChestShop]
    # Should the plugin log some messages that are useful for debugging?# Should the plugin log some messages that are useful for debugging?DEBUG: false
    # Do you want to turn off the automatic updates of ChestShop?TURN_OFF_UPDATES: true# Do you want to turn off the automatic notifications for new development builds?TURN_OFF_DEV_UPDATE_NOTIFIER: false# Do you want to include some values of this config in the metrics? (This will not leak sensitive data but help in the development process)INCLUDE_SETTINGS_IN_METRICS: true
    # How large should the internal caches be?CACHE_SIZE: 1000
    # The default language when the client's language can't be found.DEFAULT_LANGUAGE: "en"# Should the plugin try to use a language file that matches the client's locale setting?USE_CLIENT_LOCALE: true
    # What containers are allowed to hold a shop? (Only blocks with inventories work!)SHOP_CONTAINERS: - "CHEST"- "TRAPPED_CHEST"
    # (In 1/1000th of a second) How often can a player use the shop sign?SHOP_INTERACTION_INTERVAL: 250# Do you want to allow using shops to people in creative mode?IGNORE_CREATIVE_MODE: true# Do you want to allow using shops to people who have access to it due to their permissions? (owners are always ignored)IGNORE_ACCESS_PERMS: true# If true, people will buy with left-click and sell with right-click.REVERSE_BUTTONS: false# If true, people will be able to buy/sell in 64 stacks while holding the crouch button.SHIFT_SELLS_IN_STACKS: false# If true, people will be able to sell/buy everything available of the same type.SHIFT_SELLS_EVERYTHING: false# What can you do by clicking shift with SHIFT_SELLS_IN_STACKS turned on? (ALL/BUY/SELL)SHIFT_ALLOWS: "ALL"# Can shop's chest be opened by owner with right-clicking a shop's sign?ALLOW_SIGN_CHEST_OPEN: true# If true, when you left-click your own shop sign you won't open chest's inventory, but instead you will start destroying the sign.ALLOW_LEFT_CLICK_DESTROYING: true
    # If true, if the shop is empty, the sign is destroyed and put into the chest, so the shop isn't usable anymore.REMOVE_EMPTY_SHOPS: true# If true, if the REMOVE_EMPTY_SHOPS option is turned on, the chest is also destroyed.REMOVE_EMPTY_CHESTS: false# A list of worlds in which to remove empty shops with the previous config. Case sensitive. An empty list means all worlds.REMOVE_EMPTY_WORLDS: - "world1"- "world2"
    # First line of your Admin Shop's sign should look like this:ADMIN_SHOP_NAME: "Server Shop"# The name of the economy account which Admin Shops should use and to which all taxes will goSERVER_ECONOMY_ACCOUNT: "Server Shop"# The uuid of the economy account for the Admin Shop. Useful for fake accounts as normally only accounts of players workSERVER_ECONOMY_ACCOUNT_UUID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000# Percent of the price that should go to the server's account. (100 = 100 percent)TAX_AMOUNT: 0# Percent of the price that should go to the server's account when buying from an Admin Shop.SERVER_TAX_AMOUNT: 0# Amount of money player must pay to create a shopSHOP_CREATION_PRICE: 0# How much money do you get back when destroying a sign?SHOP_REFUND_PRICE: 0# How many decimal places are allowed at a maximum for prices?PRICE_PRECISION: 2
    # Should we block shops that sell things for more than they buy? (This prevents newbies from creating shops that would be exploited)BLOCK_SHOPS_WITH_SELL_PRICE_HIGHER_THAN_BUY_PRICE: true
    # Maximum amount of items that can be bought/sold at a shop. Default 3456 is a double chest of 64 stacks.MAX_SHOP_AMOUNT: 3456
    # Do you want to allow other players to build a shop on a block where there's one already?ALLOW_MULTIPLE_SHOPS_AT_ONE_BLOCK: false# Can shops be used even when the buyer/seller doesn't have enough items, space or money? (The price will be scaled adequately to the item amount)ALLOW_PARTIAL_TRANSACTIONS: true# Can '?' be put in place of item name in order for the sign to be auto-filled?ALLOW_AUTO_ITEM_FILL: true
    # Enable this if you use BungeeCord and want players to receive shop notifications on other serversBUNGEECORD_MESSAGES: false
    # Do you want to show "Out of stock" messages?SHOW_MESSAGE_OUT_OF_STOCK: true# Do you want to show "Full shop" messages?SHOW_MESSAGE_FULL_SHOP: true# How many seconds do you want to wait before showing notifications for the same shop to the owner again?NOTIFICATION_MESSAGE_COOLDOWN: 10
    # Can players hide the "Out of stock" messages with /cstoggle?CSTOGGLE_TOGGLES_OUT_OF_STOCK: false# Can players hide the "Full shop" messages with /cstoggle?CSTOGGLE_TOGGLES_FULL_SHOP: false# Do you want to show "You bought/sold... " messages?SHOW_TRANSACTION_INFORMATION_CLIENT: true# Do you want to show "Somebody bought/sold... " messages?SHOW_TRANSACTION_INFORMATION_OWNER: true
    # If true, plugin will log transactions in its own fileLOG_TO_FILE: true# Do you want ChestShop's messages to show up in console?LOG_TO_CONSOLE: true# Should all shop removals be logged to the console?LOG_ALL_SHOP_REMOVALS: true
    # Do you want to stack all items up to 64 item stacks?STACK_TO_64: true# Do you want to use built-in protection against chest destruction?USE_BUILT_IN_PROTECTION: true# Do you want to have shop signs "stick" to chests?STICK_SIGNS_TO_CHESTS: false# EXPERIMENTAL: Do you want to turn off the default protection when another plugin is protecting the block? (Will leave the chest visually open - CraftBukkit bug!)TURN_OFF_DEFAULT_PROTECTION_WHEN_PROTECTED_EXTERNALLY: false# Do you want to turn off the default sign protection? Warning! Other players will be able to destroy other people's shops!TURN_OFF_SIGN_PROTECTION: false# Do you want to disable the hopper protection, which prevents Hopper-Minecarts from taking items out of shops?TURN_OFF_HOPPER_PROTECTION: false# Only allow users to buy/sell that have access to the sign's protection? (E.g. LWC protection)CHECK_ACCESS_FOR_SHOP_USE: false# Do you want to protect shop chests with LWC?PROTECT_CHEST_WITH_LWC: false# Of which type should the container protection be? Possible type: public, private, donate and on some LWC versions displayLWC_CHEST_PROTECTION_TYPE: "PRIVATE"# Do you want to protect shop signs with LWC?PROTECT_SIGN_WITH_LWC: false# Of which type should the sign protection be? Possible type: public, private, donate and on some LWC versions displayLWC_SIGN_PROTECTION_TYPE: "PRIVATE"# Should the chest's LWC protection be removed once the shop sign is destroyed? REMOVE_LWC_PROTECTION_AUTOMATICALLY: true# Should LWC limits block shop creations?LWC_LIMITS_BLOCK_CREATION: true
    # Do you want to only let people build inside WorldGuard regions?WORLDGUARD_INTEGRATION: false# Do you want to only let people build inside region flagged by doing /region regionName flag allow-shop allow?WORLDGUARD_USE_FLAG: false# Do you want ChestShop to respect WorldGuard's chest protection?WORLDGUARD_USE_PROTECTION: false
    # Do you want to only let people build inside GriefPrevention claims?GRIEFPREVENTION_INTEGRATION: false
    # Do you want to only let people build inside RedProtect regions?REDPROTECT_INTEGRATION: false
    # Do you want to deny shop access to unlogged users?AUTHME_HOOK: true# Do you want to allow shop access to unregistered users? (Example: registration is optional)AUTHME_ALLOW_UNREGISTERED: false
    # How much Heroes exp should people get for creating a ChestShop?HEROES_EXP: 100.0
    # Add icons and make item names hoverable in transaction messages when ShowItem is installed?SHOWITEM_MESSAGE: true


    Server Version

    [The full server version that you are running from /version]

    CraftBukkit Version 3013- Spigot-73fb609-0cd8f19 (MC 1.16.5) 

    Server Log

    [The full latest.log file]


    Granted Permissions

    [Ideally the output from /lp tree]


    What other plugins are you running?

    [List of your plugins, ideally with the version]
    Admin-Chat_Channel (only one on version 1.8 or 1.9)
    Essentials (-Chat, -Spawn
    Multiverse-Core + Portals

    all of version 1.16.4 or 1.16.5

    What is happening?

    [Explain what happens and what steps should be done to reproduce the issue. Ideally with pictures of the shop sign and messages as well as the full error log!]
    Normal Shops working Fine but the Admin Shop has no acc so the Shops not working


    What did you expect to happen?

    [Explain what you expected to happen after performing the previously described steps]
    Make a Admin Shop and try to buy.
    This ist the Text that Shows up: "Economy account from shop owner doesn´t exist!"+


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    Try restart and delet essentials,chestshop and vault and reinstallt it. 

  • ShadowSamara added the tags Plugin Issue Question Feb 17, 2021
  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Feb 18, 2021

    If you want to use a special server economy account instead of the inbuilt unlimited one then you have to make sure that the account exists in your economy plugin too. Either by logging in with the player at least once or by creating a virtual/fake economy account if your economy plugin supports that.

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