Shops won't work. #1332

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  • hyenagodking created this issue Jun 16, 2020

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    Basically players are creating shops and doing it's telling them shop successfully created but nothing happens when other players try clicking on the shop either to buy the items or sell items the chestshop is selling.


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    Resolving the situation because the plugin isn't working as intended. 


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  • hyenagodking added a tag Defect Jun 16, 2020
  • Phoenix616 posted a comment Jun 17, 2020

    Please test with the latest development builds. and see if the issue persist. If they do then please make sure that your players are not in creative (creative selling can be toggled via config) or adventure mode or have access to the shop itself (that you can disable with /csaccess or alternatively the config). Also you have to make sure that the shop is not in a region that disallows block/sign interactions (like a plugin's claim or the spawn radius) 


    If it still doesn't work then please provide some additional information about the shop setup.

  • Phoenix616 added a tag Missing Information Jun 28, 2020

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