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    Jun 6, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13


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Please read all the notes and changes before upgrading!

This is not the 1.17 update! The current version is tested with 1.13-1.16.5 but it will most likely be compatible with 1.17 servers once they are available. If you run into bugs using it please open an issue asap!

Please note that each server update might require a conversion of the items database to ensure that all item data is compatible with the server version you are running. Downgrading the server or plugin is not advised and will most likely lead to errors! Always restore all the plugin files from a backup if you want to downgrade!

Notable Changes:

  • The plugin now contains full translations for Traditional ChineseCzechFinishFrenchGermanHungarianPolishBrazilian PortugueseRussianSpanish and Mexican Spanish!
    Thanks to everyone who contributed on Crowdin! If you want to see your language or have improvements please help out on CrowdinSwedishNorwegianItalianKoreanJapanese and Simplified Chinese only need a couple more translations to be 100%!
    If you are still using the legacy local.yml then now is the time to switch to the new system!
  • Added item name aliasing via the itemAliases.yml
  • Added the ability to display a shop's stock on the sign by enabling the USE_STOCK_COUNTER config option. (#368)
  • Added a /shopinfo command which shows some information about the shop that is looked at. (#203) The same information will show up when a player tries to open a shop container they don't have access to! (ChestShop.shopinfo permission)
  • Move to use the adventure-text library for components. This fixes client disconnect issues with hover message (#353) as well as re-add support for pure CraftBukkit servers.
  • TURN_OFF_DEFAULT_PROTECTION_WHEN_PROTECTED_EXTERNALLY now also supports BlockLocker, Deadbolt, Lockette(Pro), Residence and SimpleChestLock and not just LWC (#445)
  • Added config options which allow disabling some playername/uuid checks to allow the user with Geyser/Floodgate. (#383)
  • Made admin shops that have shop containers use items from that instead of being unlimited. (Admin shops without containers will still be unlimited) If you want admin shops to be unlimited even with a container then set FORCE_UNLIMITED_ADMIN_SHOP to true. (#402)
  • Added more metrics to allow for correct judgement when to upgrade to certain server or Java versions.

For Developers:

  • The /shopinfo command and right click will (additionally to the ItemInfoEvent to show item information) call the new ShopInfoEvent with which you can add additional information about the shop to the output.
  • The ProtectionCheckEvent now has a new boolean field checkManagement which specifies whether or not the event is a management check or a simple access check. This is necessary as some external plugins like LWC have different admin and access rights for members. The original event didn't differentiate that which lead to people only having access permissions being able to remove shops.
  • Removed deprecated methods from PreTransactionEvent (getOwner and setOwner(OfflinePlayer)) as well as from NameManager (getLastAccountFromShortName(String)getUUID(String)getUsername(UUID)getFullUsername(String)getShortUsername(String)canUseName(Player, String)). See the commit for the suggested replacements.

See the commit history for all changes.