Chest Commands v3.0.5


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    Nov 15, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.7.4
  • 1.6.4


If you are upgrading from v2 read here before proceeding


  • Added node VIEW-PERMISSION that is able to hide items to players without the permission.
  • Fixed data values > 15 being considered invalid.


  • Made the messages in /cc open configurable in lang.yml.
  • Made the multiple commands separator configurable. By default, it's a colon ( ; ).
  • Bug fix: signs were blue instead of dark blue.
  • Prevent players with permission for making colored signs from making menu signs.
  • Fixed configuration not saving default missing values when using /cc reload.


  • Only bug fixes:
    • Fixed error when a menu is not found
    • AMOUNT not working
    • Using the data value in the ID not working (use quotes if you really want to use it here)
    • When using /cc open, you must have the permission for that menu too (


  • Added PlayerPoints v2+ support:
    • Added the node POINTS to make the user pay a certain amount of points to click on an icon.
    • Added command type "give-points: <number>"


- Fixed "open: " command ignoring permissions
- Added "menu: " as alias of "open: "

Yes, I broke the autoupdater on purpose. This update should be installed manually and everyone should read the changelog.