ChessCraft v2.1.4


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    Mar 7, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


v2.1.4 (7 Mar 2013)

  • Performance improvements in various block event checks (avoiding some unnecessary object creation when checking if a given block is inside a chessboard boundary). Will probably not be noticeable on smaller servers, but will save some CPU cycles especially on larger busier servers.
  • Fix: /chess board set overridepiecestyle - overridden piece style was getting lost if the board style was subsequently saved (with /chess board save)
  • Fix: Flight boundaries weren't correctly recalculated if a board's enclosure type was changed from passable to non-passable or vice versa.
  • Very large styles (e.g. "huge" or "yazpanda") may suffer from slow chunk updates with the vanilla Minecraft client, leading to poor board redraw performance. It is recommended to use the Optifine mod (or the Spoutcraft client, which includes Optifine), and experiment in particular with the "Chunk Updates per Frame" and "Dynamic Updates" video settings.
  • xboard protocol support should be considered experimental at this time - while the AI.yml file contains some definitions for xboard-base AI's, they are marked as disabled by default, so they won't be auto-picked as opponents. They can be explicitly invited, however, with e.g. /chess invite gnuchess1. xboard support has been tested successfully with the gnuchess and crafty engines.
  • MySQL database access is currently not multi-threaded, so be aware that a slow or unresponsive MySQL server may induce server lag. This will also be addressed in a near-future release.