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The ChatClient can connect to any Minecraft Server running the ChatServer Plugin. It will send all Player Chat Messages to the ChatServer for it to broadcast it to all connected Clients. Currently the Client can only be a Minecraft Server running this Plugin, but there will be a Desktop Version of the Client, so you can Chat with your Friends on the Minecraft Servers without playing Minecraft.


Simply add the chatclient-version.jar to your plugins folder


  • /chatclient connect - Will connect to the ChatServer specified in the config.yml
  • /chatclient connect ip:port - Will connect to a ChatServer running at ip:port
  • /chatclient connect ip port - Will connect to a ChatServer running at ip and port
  • /chatcilent disconnect - Will disconnect the ChatClient
  • /chatclient isconnected - Will tell you if the ChatClient ist connected
  • /chatclient prefix true|false - Will set the Prefix to true or false


  • chatclient.admin - Allows to execute all commands


  • port - The Port to the ChatServer. Default is 4713
  • ip - The IP to the ChatServer. Default is (localhost)
  • connect_at_start - If the Client should try to connect when the Plugin is loaded. Default is true
  • prefix - If the Chat Messages from other Servers should contain the Prefix (Servername). Default is true


  • Java 1.7

To Dos

PermissionsEx support Standalone Client for Desktop


Tested only on Bukkit 1.7.2.

The ChatServer is a separate Plugin for you to find here.

Please report Bugs, and I will fix them as soon as possible. If you have a feature request, let me know and I'll try to put it in the next release. I will create a Website + a E-Mail for you to contact me and put the details here as soon as I can.


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