The configuration for this plugin is fairly simple. The default config file is shown below. All items other than blockType can be left out.

# This file allows you to configure what blocks are dropped when you use a silktouch
# tool on certain blocks. 

  # Ice 
  - blockType: 79
    dropType: 79
    count: 1
  # Monster Spawner
  - blockType: 52
    dropType: 52
    count: 1

blockType: The id of the block that must be broken.

dropType: The id of the item you want to drop. (Optional; defaults to the same as blockType)

count: How many items should drop when a block is broken (Optional; defaults to 1)

dataValue: What data value to set on the item. (Optional; use this when you want a dye with a specific data value, or something like that.)


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