SchwarzerZylinder, you can transfer the ownership to dmitchell. Just leave me as a former author. Then again, I never really got around to releasing any updates, did I? Just transfer the ownership. -MYCRAFTisbest

You all know this: You are ingame and want to use a command, but you have to enter it in the console.

With this plugin, you can use them ingame anyway! Just type in /ccmd and your command and it will be executed just as you would type it directly to the console.


  • /ccmd <command> - Executes the given command on the server console


  • consolecommand.cmd - Allows you to use the plugin



Looking for developers to take over this project

As you can read in the title, I am looking for somebody who can take over this project. I don't have enough time to provide a nice support and have changed my priorities to other projects. If you are a programmer you can download the source code (It's in the jar) and modify it as you want. If you want to officially take over this project and guarantee a good support, pm me.
Thanks to all of you for the great feedback and ideas! I will never forget Bukkit =)


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