The caravan plugin adds traveling caravans to your server. Caravans are guarded by Citizens 2 NPCs and vary in difficulty. As the caravan becomes better protected, the goods go up in value. Inspired in part by the Caravans you might find in the Fallout series.


Configure custom caravan types!
Stationary and mobile caravans!
Schematic support for stationary caravan camps!
NPC guards through the use of Citizens 2!
Allows economy payout upon successful caravan attack!


/caravan spawn [type] - creates a random caravan type at your position type can be "guard", "stationary", and "mobile".


Caravan.* - Gives access to all the below
Caravan.spawn.* - Allows the player to spawn the below.
Caravan.spawn.guard- Allows the player to spawn caravan guards.
Caravan.spawn.stationary - Allows the player to spawn stationary caravans - Allows the player to spawn mobile caravans
Caravan.inform - Informs the player that a caravan has spawned.


RandomGeneration : (boolean true/false) Toggles random generation of caravans
Announce : (boolean true/false) Announces the creation of a caravan at position (x,y,z)
SpawnTime: (Integer) The minutes between the random generation of caravans
RoamingExpire: (Integer) The minutes before the caravan despawns.
StationaryExpire: (Integer) The minutes before the caravan despawns.
GuardDrops: (boolean true/false) Toggles item drops when killing Caravan Guards.

Adding custom caravans

Not yet added

Check list

  • Stationary caravans
  • (dumb) NPC guards
  • Custom schematic loading
  • (dumb) Random caravan spawning
  • (buggy) Mobile Caravans
  • Automated caravan despawning (allows for no griefed up wilderness)



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