I've been looking for and have found a number of plugins which aim to block the excessive use of caps that often comes with younger players, however having had no luck getting any of them to work, I wrote my own. CapsBlock filters messages which contain excessive caps usage, currently 'excessive' is defined in the config, default is anything above 50% Caps. The message can then either be blocked, replaced, or converted to lowercase. Alternatively, a user can be kicked for attempting to send a message which contains a percentage of caps greater than what is allowed.

  1. Download the .jar
  2. Place the .jar in your plugins directory
  3. Restart the server Configuration:
  ReplaceWithLowerCase - Replace all the caps in the message with lowercase and display it as normal
  NotifyOnReplaceWithLowerCase - Notify the user their message has been amended?
  ReplaceWithLowerCaseMessage - Define the notification to send the user   ReplaceText - Replace the message text with your own text
  NotifyOnReplaceText - Notify the user why their message has been replaced?
  ReplaceTextMessage - Define the notification to send the user
  NewText - Define the text to replace the user's message with   CancelText - Cancel a message with excessive caps
  NotifyOnCancelText - Notify the user their message has been cancelled?   KickOnCaps - Kick a user who sends a message with excessive caps
  KickMessage - Define the kick message   PercentCaps - Define what percent of caps in a message is considered 'excessive'
  MinMsgLength - Define the minimum length of a message to be filtered

 • /CapsBlock - Display CapsBlock Menu
 • /CapsBlock reload - Reload the config
 • capsblock.ignore - Users with this permission will not have their messages filtered.
 • capsblock.reload - Users with this permission will be able to reload the CapsBlock config

Youtube Review by Ultibyte To Do:
 • Add option to define the minimum length for a filtered message (Currently messages under 2 chars are not filtered) Done in 0.6
 • Cater for punctuation by not counting it toward the total message length Done in 0.3                                                                  
                                                        Thankyou for your support! :D Change-Log:
- Added /me command to capsblock monitoring (Compatible with mChat)
- Minor Bugfix: Updated Command alias
- Minor Bugfix: Removed some debug text from menu
- Kicking user changed to execute in main server thread (Updated for Thread Safety)
- Updated for 1.3
- Added MinMsgLength configuration option.
- Fixed the menu /capsblock
- Minor bugfix / code cleanup
- Fixed the menu
- Mild improvements to the way punctuation is handled


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