This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Call Of Minecraft

The target of this Plugin is to create a lightwighted plugin to create arenas where everyone can join and have fun.
It's much like every FreeForAll (FFA) mode in current FPS-Games like CoD, HL Deathmatch, etc.


  • Define your arenas with WorldEdit (you need this plugin!)
  • You can define where which item spawns (amount, damage-data, enchantment) with easy to use ingame commands
  • Your character gets saved before the arena and restored after you leave the arena.
  • The arena is not editable during battles so nothing can get destroyed (however chests aren't save at the moment (but will be))
  • With a definable block you can set toggleable doors which close on arena start, so you can also use your arena as mining area or something else.
  • Shot arrows and other entities are getting removed after every game. Doors and Trapdoors also get closed.
  • Language Support I'm looking for everyone who can translate this plugin into his language! Please PM me
    Current translations available:
    • Englisch (local_EN.lang)
    • German (local_DE.lang)
  • Permissions!


  • Score and Time limit
  • Chest saving/locking (Currently chests are locked during a fight)
  • Block saving (to create a damage able arena)
  • Permissions
  • Hide the name tag (Sorry isn't possible at the moment :-()
  • Egg granades or other special weapons
  • Special pickups (like Quad Damage, Invincibility, Higher Jumping, ...)
  • Integration of Vault (entry fees and customizable rewards (items, money, ...)
  • Special blocks give special Powerups (Green Wool = Jump Pad, Red Wool = Healing, ...)


To create an arena you first need to select an cuboid arena with WorldEdit.
Then you type "/callofminecraft create <name>", and the arena gets created and saved. (Arenas mustn't overlap (doesn't get checked at the moment, but it may cause some problems at setting the spawnpoints)
Now you need to define the spawnpoints with the following commands (Info: every point must be inside the arena):

  • /callofminecraft +p <pointName>: Creates a pickup point with the item you are holding at your feet
  • /callofminecraft -p <pointName>: Removes the pickup point with the specified name
  • /callofminecraft +s <pointName>: Creates a spawn point at your feet
  • /callofminecraft -s <pointName>: Removes the spawn point with the specified name
  • /callofminecraft lobby: Defines the lobby of the arena
  • /callofminecraft death: Defines the point where players wait for there respawn
  • /callofminecraft setspec: Defines the point where spectators are teleported to (no use yet!)

After all points are set, you can join the arena with /callofminecraft join. It uses the nearest Arena to your position.
When the minimum number of players are in the lobby, a countdown to start the game starts. (you can also use /callofminecraft start to force a start).
Currently the only way to end a game is to type in /callofminecraft stop.
You leave an arena with /callofminecraft leave. Then you'll get teleported where you joined the game.
During being in an arena you can see everybodys score with /callofminecraft score

Please report any bugs you find and tell me if you have any ideas how I can enchant the gaming experience. If you find unhandled exceptions (Big error messages in your server console: PLEASE send me the whole message and tell me exactly what you did. This makes it alot easier for me to find the reason.

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WARNING!!!: I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your world! This plugin should be save but in case backup your world before use

Tag list: free for all, ffa, call of duty, minecraft, cod, deathmatch, arena, pickup, bonus, respawn, delay, economy, chest, protection, world edit


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