This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.




Get your wolves, horses and cats/ocelots to you with just one command or count them easily!

Do you use 1.7 or 1.5.2? Both versions are adjusted and available in the latest version!

For 1.7 use this and for 1.5.2 use this


  • /callmycats: Teleport your cats to you
  • /cmc: Just like /callmycats but shorter
  • /callmyhorses: Teleport your horses to you
  • /cmh: Just like /callmyhorses but shorter
  • /callmywolves: To teleport your wolves to you (even if they're sitting)
  • /cmw: The same like /callmywolves, just shorter
  • /countmw: Count your wolves!
  • /countmywolves: Just like /countmw, but longer
  • /countmyhorses: Count your horses!
  • /countmh: Just like /countmyhorses, but shorter
  • /countmycats: Count your cats!
  • /countmc: Just like /countmycats, but shorter
  • /calllastpet: Call your last pet!
  • /clp: Just like /calllastpet, but shorter
  • /cmp reload: Reload CMP's config

Attention: Your nearest pets will be at your position first, then later the others will come! So it can take some time, till every pet is teleported to you! The pets are going to be teleported into you!


See the permissions here! (on my development blog)

Configuration File

# config.yml of CallMyPets by cinematikk
callmyhorses: 'true'
callmywolves: 'true'
callmycats: 'true'
  # use true or false to enable or disable the commands

People with CMP-1.6 for 1.5.2 have to delete the callmyhorses: true!

Do not change anything except for callmyhorses, callmywolves and callmycats! That would make the calllastpet command crash!

ToDo List

  • making it possible to teleport to the location where your pets are going the get teleported to (because if you use the command, then run away or something, you may not find your pets easily)
  • call pets by names

What should I add in the next versions of CallMyPets? Send me a ticket or write it in the comments!

News about developing

Are now available here!


What should I do if the plugin doesn't work? A list of all tips:

  • Download the newest Java version: Java Download
  • Download the CraftBukkit version the plugin is developed for: CraftBukkit Download
  • For everything else, please contact me or send a ticket!


Want to review my plugins? Before you do, please send me a PM!

I'm searching testers and translators! Interested? Contact me by PN!


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