COM: Zombies v2.2.86


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    Mar 11, 2021
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Rewrote downed player code 
Permission system overhaul #81
Max ammo now replenishes grenades #60 
Fixed an issue with removing signs #73 Fixed leaderbaords being in wrong order Fixed Mystery Box giving the player a duplicate gun #65 Fixed other players being able to collect other players Mystery box guns #64 Last Hell hound now drops a max ammo #63 Hell Hound kills no longer count towards the players zombie kill count Fixed a bug when the M1911 is not a valid gun
Fixing issue with weapons being bugged Guns can now shoot through barriers Changed the PlaceholderAPI Indetifier
Fixed bugs with getting weapons from the mysterybox
Fixed pack-a-punch guns not having correct stats
Fixed Mobs taking damage from random sources
Fixed Pressure plates and similar causing guns to shoot #62 Misc Changes