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2020 Update on the plugin:

Call of Minecraft: Zombies

Call of Minecraft: Zombies is a plugin that was based off of Call of Duty Zombies. Players can join / leave games, play multiplier or single player if allowed. Please check out our pages listed above for more information! If you also want to help out, consider donating at the top right of the page.



  • Customizable Spawns for everything
  • Barriers
  • Multiple arena capabilities
  • Real Zombies Guns
  • Can Set multiple zombie spawns
  • MysteryBox
  • Perk Machines
  • Zombies drop perks and powerUps!
  • Teleports
  • Kits
  • Hell Hound Rounds
  • Grenades and Monkey Bombs
  • and More!


Nodecraft PArtner Graphic

Dev Server:

Coming Soon!




Commands include the following :

  • () = Optional
  • [] = Needed
  • /zombies - Basic Call of Duty Zombies command! This will tell the sender of the command who created the plugin, and what to type for help!
  • /zombies help (subject) (page) - This is the zombies help command, shows all commands.
  • /zombies addbarrier [arena] - Adds a barrier from the given arena 
  • /zombies adddoor [arena] - Starts the process of adding a door to an arena 
  • /zombies addteleporter [arena] - Adds a teleporter to the given arena
  • /zombies arenalist - Shows all the possible arenas and their stats
  • /zombies cancel - Used to get out of arena creation
  • /zombies createarena [name] - Creates an arena and puts you into arena creation mode
  • /zombies debug - Helpful debug command for in game
  • /zombies disable [arena] - Disables the given arena
  • /zombies disablepower [arena] - Disables power in the given arena
  • /zombies editarena [arena] - Allows to re-enter the arena creation process for an arena and edit these values
  • /zombies editspawns [arena] - Starts the edit spawn process to remove and or add zombies spawns to an arena
  • /zombies enable [arena] - Enables the given arena
  • /zombies end [arena] - Ends the given arena
  • /zombies info [arena] (subject) - Shows the debug information for the specified arena
  • /zombies join (arena) - Either joins the arena given or puts you in the next available arena
  • /zombies leaderboard [catergory] - Shows the top 10 for the given subject or overall
  • /zombies kick [player] - Kicks a player out of the arena
  • /zombies leave - Leaves the current arena you are in
  • /zombies listguns - Shows a list of all gun names
  • /zombies perks - Lists the available perks
  • /zombies removearena [arena] - Removes the given arena
  • /zombies removebarrier [arena] - Removes a barrier from the given arena
  • /zombies removedoor [arena] - Removes a door from the given arena
  • /zombies removeteleporter [arena] - Removes a teleporter from the given arena
  • /zombies reload - Reloads the plugin and its configs
  • /zombies start [arena] - Force starts the given arena
  • /zombies spectate [arena] - Spectates the given arena

WIKI for more information



More helpful tutorials and setup help will be coming in the future!



All donations help us the developers know that you guys are still interested in the plugin! Don't feel forced to donated to us, but if you would like to donate to us for the work that we have done with the plugin, there is a donate button on the top right of the page.

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