ButtonPromote - Use buttons/pressureplates to give users various features!

Version: v3.1.0 (Updated by Furt) - 7/18/15

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ButtonPromote allows the use of simple and easy-to-remember commands to make your buttons promote, message, give/take currency, give/take items, and/or warp the players who click them.


  • Use buttons/pressureplates to promote players who press them
  • Use buttons/pressureplates to send messages to players
  • Use buttons/pressureplates to warp players to another location
  • Use buttons/pressureplates to perform commands
  • Use buttons/pressureplates to give/take items
  • Use buttons/pressureplates to give/take currency
  • Can set buttons/pressureplates to only be used once
  • Multi-world compatibility
  • Vault support for permissions and economy



  • Vault
  • Permission plugin - PermissionsEX recommended


  • Economy plugin


  • /bp - Shows commands in-game.
  • /bp setpromotion <group> - Type this command, then press a button to make it promote users to specified group.
  • /bp setmessage <message> - Type this command, then press a button to make it send your message to players. Colorcodes and spaces do work!
  • "/bp setcommand tp %p furt-slap furt" This will tp the player clicking the button to furt then slap him
  • "/bp setmessage Hello!-Welcome to the server!-Enjoy your stay!" This will output:
    • Hello!
    • Welcome to the server!
    • Enjoy your stay!
  • /bp setcommand <command> - Type this command, then press a button to make it perform a command on a player.
  • /bp setwarp - Type this command at the location you want, then press a button to make it warp users to that location.
  • /bp setpermission <permission.touse> - This is used to give custom permissions per button.
  • /bp setitem <give/take> <itemname> <amount> - This is used to give/take items from a player that right clicks it.
  • /bp setcurrency <give/take> <amount> - This is used to give/take currency from a player that right clicks it.
  • /bp setusage <true/false> - This feature is for giving a button a one time use.
  • /bp remove - Type this command, then press a button to remove promotions and warps.
  • /bp confirm - Confirms button removal on block break.
  • /bp cancel - Cancels all current selections.


  • buttonpromote.use - Permission to use promoter and warper buttons.
  • buttonpromote.create - Permission to use /bp set and /bp setwarp commands.
  • buttonpromote.remove - Permission to use /bp remove command.


# Set this to true to make buttom promote add to permissions instead of replace
keepOldGroups: false
# Set this to true to make every button created one time use
globalOneTimeUse: false
# Set this to true to make buttons use console for commands instead of player
consoleCommands: false
# Warm up time for warp, in seconds
warpTimer: 3

To-do / Upcoming Features:

  • Give me your suggestions for more features!



  • Updated to 1.5.2
  • Fixed config generation in some cases.
  • Added all new buttons and pressure plates.


  • Added the ability to make commands use console instead of player in the config


  • Resolved most issues with /bp setitem take, this feature now cancels the button event if they do not have the required item or amount.


  • Added a config file for the following:
    • globalOneTimeUse - Default: false - If set to true this will cause all buttons newly created to be set to true for one time use feature.
    • keepOldGroups - Default: false - If set to true this will keep old groups a player has instead of removing them with a promotion button is used.
  • New Features:
    • ButtonPromote now supports pressureplates!
    • You can now set multiple messages and commands
    • /bp setcommand now has variables that can be used to mark player name or world name player name = %p and world name = %w

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