Business Essentials

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Business Essentials


The Business Essentials plugin is a plugin for minecraft servers that want an easy way to give the users opportunities to run and easily manage their own business. This plugin even comes with it's own economy, using emeralds as physical money, depending on how many emeralds you have in your inventory determines the overall balance, which can be shown with the /be balance command. This plugin adds many features that can help run and easily manage your own business, for example, using an easy command you can change a sign on your shop telling customers if your shop is Open or Closed. This plugin is still being developed, and may have a some bugs on the first release.

Information on Machines and Buildings

Mint- A building to build printers, for creating emeralds Bank- A building to build vaults, for storing items and blocks Shop- A building for players and admins to sell their items and/or blocks to the other players Cash Register- A storage unit for money in a shop ATM- A quick way to draw money from your bank vault Printer- A machine that can create emeralds, to build you must build a 2x2 block of Iron blocks, with a chest attached somewhere Vault - a 5x5 room that has chests to store items, can be assigned to players to let them store items and blocks safely


  • /be balance - Displays current balance of emeralds in inventory
  • /be bankbalance - displays the current balance in your bank account
  • /be closed - changes a sign on your shop to display "Closed"
  • /be open - changes a sign on your shop to display "Open"
  • /be staffarea - locks the current mechanism (ex: Doors and Levers) to be used only by staff
  • /be shop create name business - creates a new shop using the selected points as the area
  • /be shop accept {username}
  • /be shop merchandise new {item ID} - makes the current sign a shop (like sign shops)
  • /be shop staff rank {username} {rank} - edits rank of one of your current employees
  • /be shop staff rank new {name} - adds a new staff rank
  • /be shop staff rank permissions {add or remove} {permission} - edits staff rank permission(s)
  • /be cashregister new - turns the current Stone Stair block into a Cash Register
  • /be bank new {name} - create a new bank on the selected area
  • /be bank vault new {ID} - creates a new vault on the current 5x5 room
  • /be bank access {public or private} - toggles bank access (may be removed)
  • /be mint new {name} - create a new mint on the selected area
  • /be mint printer new - creates a printer on the selected iron block (2x2 and requires chest)
  • /be credit new {id} - turns a piece of paper into a credit card
  • /be credit use {id} - uses a credit card to pay your charges
  • /be charge {username} {reason} {amount} - charges/sends in invoice to the named player
  • /be charge pardon {username} - gets rid of one charge that you have sent to player



cashregister - determines access to cash registers storage - determines access to shop storage open - determines whether you can open or close the shop merchandise - determines access to change or restock the merchandise

For Admins

  • businessessentials.charge
  • businessessentials.charge.pardon
  • businessessentials.cashregister.create
  • businessessentials.cashregister.use
  • businessessentials.atm.create
  • businessessentials.atm.use



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