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Boxing - The best PvP Plugin Created!

What does Boxing do? Boxing is a plugin that allowed players to 1v1 in an arena. This bypasses world guard. Its just a fist plugin, but the best one ever.

HOW TO PLAY: Do /boxing join or /boxing j. If you do this, you will be put into the queue.

SETUP: Do /boxing create (ArenaNameHere) Then find the spot where player 1 will spawn and type /boxing setspawn 1 (ArenaName) and do the same process for player 2

ECONOMY: Here, you may allow players to buy upgrades. Each time a player wins a match, they get 10 coins. Depending on their "rank", you can change how much they get in the config.yml

SHOP: The shop is where you can get upgrades. In the config, you can change it to your website name for players to donate for coins. The shop also has a GUI. The GUI is NOT customizable. The only thing you can change in it is where to donate.

BUGS: The plugin is very new, please report bugs in the comments for me to fix.

FILES: Files are not aproved yet by bukkit, I expect them to do it today.

BUNGEECORD SUPPORT: The plugin does have a bungeecord support. Please note you will need a MySQL database in order to use the plugin (Please connect it to your bungee sql)

PLUGIN REQUIRMENTS: TagAPI, Vault, and a MySQL Database!

I hope you enjoy the plugin!


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