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Welcome to BukkitProtect, protecting your worlds since it was made!
BukkitProtect is unique as it focuses on usability by the average server user, and features that are helpful while playing.
This plugin is intended to be used by servers that don't want to have admins or mods handle protection of land, preferring to use an automated plugin that manages itself and is easy to use by anyone joining the server.


  • This plugin now officially supports 1.7.4!
  • Now contains an A-Class anti-spam to prevent players griefing your chat





Present Features


  • Protect areas using rods crafted in-game
  • Protections can be re-sized using rods
  • Protections cover all blocks, containers and entities within the zone
  • Sub-protections can be made within protections
  • Sub-protections count the Y level
  • Allows for near-infinite amounts of sub-protections within sub-protections
  • Several different rods available with different amount of uses
  • Add tags to protections
  • The letter "*" counts as everyone within protections, for example, "/addusers * *" will allow everyone to use everything there
  • Other players cannot interact with Tameable Entities that are owned by someone else, even in their protection
  • Protections are created around chests players place if they have no protections
  • Protections have a minimum size to prevent protection griefing
  • Liquids cannot flow into protections unless the owner of the protection it flows from can build in the protection
  • Pistons cannot pull or push blocks into protections unless the owner of the protection it comes from can build in the protection
  • Players stuck in a protection can use a simple command to get out


  • Players have spam warnings, which when enough are collected result in a kick
  • If a player sends too many messages in a short amount of time the messages are blocked and they are given warnings
  • If a word in a message sent by a player contains over a certain percentage of caps it is changed to lower case
  • If a player drags/repeats a letter more then a certain amount of times it is blocked
  • If an IP logs into the server within a short amount of time after last logging in then the player is blocked
  • Words are limited to a certain length to prevent letter/number/special characters spam
  • If a player sends the same message twice in a row the message is blocked and they are given warnings
  • A list of banned words can be added to the config to prevent players from saying certain harmful or annoying words/phrases even if the message contains random capitals
  • If a message has more then a certain percentage of it censored it is blocked


  • Land per player used to limit protections
  • Land gained over time
  • Land can be given, taken or set for any player


  • Wolves can be attacked during PVP with it's owner
  • Players running into non-PVP protections during PVP can still be killed by the player attacking them
  • Prevents PVP-logging by killing the player when it occurs
  • Prevents teleporting via commands or plugins during PVP


  • Extensive API for plugins
  • User types, rods and tags can be added by plugins
  • Plugins can check if a player is in a protection and if they have specific user types


  • Automatic updates keep you up to date
  • Lengthy configuration to allow you to choose how the plugin runs
  • No databases so setup is hastle free
  • No world backups are required
  • Commands are compatible with the tab key
  • Can be used without any configuration
  • Minimal CPU and RAM usage
  • Relatively small file sizes

Planned Features

  • Teleport to selected locations within areas (Configurable)
  • World tags to allow certain worlds to have special features
  • World users to allow certain players rights in specific worlds
  • New tags and tag system to support world tags and to support sub-protections properly


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