The best >greentext plugin out there. Probably.

Prefix any message with a “>” and bam it's >green. Or postfix it with “<” and it's orange<.

Cool features:

  • Per-player and global toggling via command
  • Optional permissions check
  • Compatibility with emoticons >:c >_<
  • Custom exceptions to greenification
  • 1.16+ RGB support for 4chan-accurate color

Contribute to the source code on GitLab (or, less preferably, GitHub). Metrics for the plugin can be found on bStats. Also, this plugin has a Spigot page.


Download the plugin JAR and drop it in the plugins/ directory of your Minecraft server.

Any message starting with the greater-than sign, >, is made green, whilst any message ending with the opposite < is made orange. Players can avoid making anything starting with > green by prepending a space, i.e. >, or by using /greentext [on|off].


To avoid automatic greenification of angry emotions, e.g. >:C, or Japanese-style emoticons such as >_>, exceptions for : and _ are specified in the config file. Custom exceptions are allowed as well, naturally.

Greentext can be either enabled or disabled upon startup. In the case the parameter enabled-by-default is set true, each player must manually enable the plugin with /greentext on. Additionally, orangetext, an obscure feature used probably once, can be disabled via config.

If you want to take advantage of 1.16’s full RGB support and use 4chan-accurate colors in chat, set use-hex-colors as true. (unavailable on CraftBukkit)


If check-for-permissions is set true in the config file, give players the desired permissions to enable use of the plugin:

  • greentext.chat.*: all features
  • greentext.chat.green: greentext
  • greentext.chat.orange: orangetext
  • greentext.toggle: toggle ability to use features
  • greentext.toggle.others: toggle others' ability to use features


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