BukkitExtras is a plugin that adds many miscellaneous useful things like: Transportation/trading of animals, more uses for hoes, elevators, ability to get skeletal and zombie horses in survival, Wand of Trading to swap blocks in the world.



Thanks to Carrot Inc


Present Features

  • AnimalTags
    • Put any owned animal into a name tag by shift right clicking it
    • Release a animal in a AnimalTag by shift right clicking a block with it
    • Can trade the name tags with animals in, new owner can release them and if its a tameable animal it will set its owner to them
    • Shift right click a animal with a book to read its stats
  • Special Horses
    • With enough rotten flesh or bones, you can turn any owned horse into a undead or skeleton horse by shift right clicking the horse with the item
  • Elevators
    • Block defaults to lapis block
    • Space to teleport to closest elevator block above
    • Shift to teleport to closest elevator block below
  • BetterHoes
    • Break a crop with a hoe to auto replant it
    • Right click a crop with hoe to auto grow crops and use bonemeal required
    • Right click tilled soil with a hoe to plant any seeds in the next slot of your inventory
    • Break sugarcane with a hoe to auto break the 2nd lowest sugarcane, will not break the lowest sugarcane
    • Will never break any non fully grown crops
    • Works in a 3x3 area
  • Wands
    • Trading
      • Shift right click to set its block
      • Right click to transform a block if you have it in your inventory
    • Crafting
      • Right click to open crafting table gui
    • Ender
      • Right click to open your ender chest gui
    • Enchanting
      • Right click to open a enchanting table gui
      • If your standing near to bookshelves, its max level will go up
  • When pigs breed they give 1 to 3 babies to make them actually useful
  • Shearing sheep gives 1-3 string
  • Shops
    • To create a shop, place a sign with "[shop]" on its first line, then place a chest up to 5 blocks below that, and a chest up to 5 blocks below that
      • To add something to be sold, put it anywhere on the first line of the first chest
        • To change what your selling it for, place what you want to sell it for below it in the inventory
        • It works with stacks too
      • The second chest is for stock and payment, put all stock your selling in it, will receive items from trades
    • To use a shop, right click the sign, click on any item that says "Can be purchased" to buy it, will give you the item(s) and deduct the item(s) from your inventory
  • Custom Enchantments
    • Feller
      • Applies to axes only
      • Max level of 4
      • When breaking a log with this enchantment, it will break all other logs above it depending on level
      • Higher levels break more blocks upwards
      • Level 3 or 4 will also search in a 3x3 area
    • Fiery
      • Applies to pickaxes and shovels
      • When breaking a block with this enchantment, it will auto smelt the drops
      • Also applies tools fortune levels to smelted drops, so iron ore will give extra iron ingots
  • Fully supports BukkitProtect by EliteJynx
    • Adds three custom UserTypes, Farmers, Brewers and Traders
  • Auto updater by Gravity (Edited by EliteJynx)

BukkitProtect Compatibility


  • Farmer, Allows the use of betterhoe features
  • Brewer, Allows the use of brewing stands and adjacent chests
  • Trader, Allows the use of villagers
  • Access UserType is needed to use nether portal (To and From)
  • Access UserType is needed to use enderpearls in that region

Crafting Recipes

  • String and paper in a shapeless recipe gives you a nametag
  • Glass in top right corner, stick in middle and emerald in bottom left corner gives you a Wand of Trading
  • Glass in top right corner, stick in middle and crafting table in bottom left corner gives you a Wand of Crafting
  • Glass in top right corner, stick in middle and eye of ender in bottom left corner gives you a Wand of Ender
  • Glass in top right corner, stick in middle and enchanted book in bottom left corner gives you a Wand of Enchanting
  • Leather on the top row, string in middle left and middle right, iron ingots below each string gives you a saddle


givewand/givewand wandGive specified wand to player
enchantcustom/enchantcustom enchant levelGives item in hand custom enchantment with level


AutoUpdateEnables or disables auto updatetrue
ElevatorBlockChanges material of the block to use as elevatorsLapis block


bukkitextras.animaltagsAllows you to use AnimalTags
bukkitextras.betterhoesAllows you to use all the Better Hoe features
bukkitextras.specialhorsesAllows you to convert your horse into a special horse
bukkitextras.elevatorsAllows you to use elevators
bukkitextras.wandsAllows you to use wand
bukkitextras.givewandAllows you to use /givewand command
bukkitextras.shopsAllows you to use shops
bukkitextras.usefulanimalsAllows you to get string from shearing sheep
bukkitextras.enchantcustomAllows you to use /enchantcustom command
bukkitextras.customenchantsAllows you to get custom enchants on your tools
bukkitextras.customenchants.fieryAllows you to use the fiery enchant
bukkitextras.customenchants.fellerAllows you to to use the feller enchant


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