This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Pvp at a higher level

Please notice that this plugin is still under development! If you find an error, feel free to use the ticket system!


This plugin gives you the possibility to play all types of PvP in a single plugin! It uses its own points system ranks and that is adjustable! When a player reaches a certain, adjustable number of points, for example, he gets a new chat prefix and can buy new and better items. I will try to implement as many varieties as possible in the plugin. If you have an idea, feel free to send me a pm!


  • HungerGames
  • Pvp arenas
  • Mob arenas
  • PassTheBomb
  • more planed!


  • HungerGames: I have some ideas for Hungergames: You have a spawn, where you can vote via signs for a map. On the map are some chests with randomly generated items. The goal is to kill the other player. On the map there are a few special blocks that the players run faster or jump higher.
  • Pvp arena: In a pvp arena you can start a fight against an other player or fight in team. The weapons appear randomly in chests, which are distributed in the arena.
  • Mob arena: You can fight alone or with a team against many waves of mobs, each stronger than the other. The monster drop weapons, armor and similar
  • PassTheBomb: This is my favorite mode. A random player gets a bomb that explodes after a minute. He can pass it to other players. There will also be some kind of protection, so you could not get a bomb. This can of course be taken by others. I also plan to implement something like granades that slows the player.


  • /bukkitpvp : Shows a info page
  • /bukkitpvp help <site>: Shows a help page
  • /bukkitpvp admin : Shows a stats page for the admins
  • /bukkitpvp admin help: Shows all admin commands
  • /bukkitpvp join <game> : Let you join a game and teleports you to the lobby
  • /bukkitpvp leave : Let you leave the game and teleports you to the spawn
  • /bukkitpvp setspawn : Sets the spawn
  • /bukkitpvp setlobby <game> :Sets the lobby
  • /bukkitpvp spawn : Telepots you to the spawn
  • /bukkitpvp lobby <game> : Teleports you to the lobby of an game (You will not join it!)

(that are only a few. The plugin is just at the begining of devlopment so there will be more)


We use our own permission system. Just put your name into the perm.yml and after a colon put your rank:

  • mod for moderator: A moderator has the right to start games and other players assign a group
  • ad for admin: A admin has all rights
  • (a vip rank wil follow...)


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