Building Game

Building Game
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The Building Game plugin was requested by a friend of mine, and I started porgramming it. Now I want to share this plugin to play with your friends!


The Building Game is a game where you have to build the thing the plugin has conceived for you. After that you look at other players buildings and vote on their builds. The player with the highest amount of points wins.


  • Report functionality
  • Colored names
  • Commands on point amounts
  • Schematic saving
  • Boosters
  • Spectate signs
  • Mob options
  • Biomes and banners in build menu
  • LeaderHeads integration
  • SQL support for stats
  • Statistic signs
  • Per arena timers
  • Team mode
  • API
  • In the top 2,500 most downloaded plugins (according to
  • More than 2,500 translations
  • More than 100 settings

Commands and permissions:

Commands Description Permission
/bg setmainspawn Set the main spawn bg.setmainspawn
/bg createarena Create an arena bg.createarena
/bg deletearena Delete an arena bg.deletearena
/bg deletespawn Delete a spawn bg.deletespawn
/bg setspawn Set a new spawnpoint bg.setspawn
/bg setlobby Set the lobby bg.setlobby
/bg setminplayers Set the minmum amount of players bg.setminplayers
/bg setmaxplayers Set the maximum amount of players (team mode only) bg.setmaxplayers
/bg setbounds Set the boundaries of a plot (inclusive) bg.setbounds
/bg setfloor Set the floor of a plot (inclusive) bg.setfloor
/bg setgamemode Set the game mode of an arena (team/solo) bg.setgamemode
/bg settimer Change the timer bg.settimer
/bg setlobbytimer Change the lobby timer bg.setlobbytimer
/bg setvotetimer Change the vote timer bg.setvotetimer
/bg setwintimer Change the win timer bg.setwintimer
/bg stats Shows your stats


/bg forcestart [arena] Force an arena to start bg.forcestart
/bg forcetheme Force a theme to be chosen bg.forcetheme

/bg join

Join an arena bg.join
/bg leave Leave the arena you're in bg.leave
/bg vote <1-10> Vote on someone's plot
/bg spectate Spectate a player


/bg booster [player] Activate a booster


/bg setting [add:remove]


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