Buffed Fire

Buffed Fire: Any flammable block that catches on fire burns until it is destroyed.

Notice! The latest version of this plugin, although it is marked as 1.7.2, works up through 1.7.9 and will probably work beyond that.

Normally, as of 1.6 beta, there is a high chance that the fire on a flammable block will go out by itself before the block is done burning. This makes fire pretty ineffective for clearing forests or destroying floating trees and removes most of its destructive capacity.

What this plugin does:
- Makes any burning, flammable block burn until it is destroyed. This generally causes any fire to spread to more blocks than normal, and almost no flammable blocks will be left behind in the burned area. Overall makes fire more destructive.

What this plugin does not do:
- Make the fire block itself behave in any different way (e.g. igniting other things more easily).
- Require any configuration, use permissions (why would it need permissions?), or use any commands.

Commands and Permissions:
- None.

Setup and Configuration:
- Place the plugin jar file in your plugins folder.
- Not configurable until I add more features.

Compatibility with Other Plugins:
- This plugin will never conflict with other plugins unless they have BlockBurnEvent listeners set to lowest priority.
- Protection plugins generally do not use lowest priority, so there should not be incompatibility with any protection plugins.

Source Code:
It's very simple. Just a standard main Plugin class and an event handler:

public class FireEventHandler implements Listener {
	@EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.LOWEST)
    public void fireEvent(BlockBurnEvent evt){

This plugin and its source are public domain. Email me at [email protected] if you want the source code, though the code posted above is pretty much all of it.


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