Feather Furnace

Feather Furnace - Smelt with Lava Buckets & Feathers:
Version: v1.5

Smelt blocks or chests with a Feather (powered by lava) this includes ores which will be dropped when you smelt something like gold ore.

v1.5 update: Added new foods & no longer affects protected regions(e.g. worldedit/residence)

Just a warning, i made it so when you hit trees they catch on fire, just to be a bit realistic.

Chest Smelting:
Ability to Smelt objects inside a chest.
Right now you can smelt pork and cook it, Also you can smelt sand into clay(Requires a water bucket in the chest)
Current Functions:
All Pork > Grilled Pork
> Cooked Fish
Chicken > Cooked Chicken
> Cooked Steak
32 sand + water bucket > Clay

Supports Super-perms or Op:

Just give the player "BucketFurnace.Smelt" and they will be able to smelt all blocks.
I will be adding more nodes if required.

Download here


Version 1.5 - Fully supports protected areas.

Having Trouble? Look at the wiki!


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