Version 3.8.2

  • Fixed:
    • Prices (prices were loaded from xpcost config lol)
    • XPcosts (was always 0)
    • Potion effects (will now work, was loaded from bad config line)
    • /bcd set command

Version 3.8.0

  • Fixed:
    • Cancel warmup on move should no longer cancel when players look around.
    • "boosCooldowns set" command has been fixed! See description for how to use it.
    • Vault and Economy plugins are optional again!
  • Added:
    • XP costs! You can now charge players XP levels for using commands!

Version 3.7.3

  • Fixed:
    • Using both price and itemcost on the same command will now work correctly (will not take money/items if player does not have enough of the other one)
    • Fixed parsing problems with $ symbol

Version 3.6.1

  • Changed/Added:
    • Insufficient funds message can now be edited.
    • Warmups,cooldowns, prices, limits can now be turned off completely
    • Configuration file (config.yml) now uses new, better and simple format
    • Now matches with first matching line in group config
      • This means if you want to set global restrictions, you have to put "*" under all other commands in config file.
  • Improved:
    • Even more lightweight again!
  • Fixed:
    • Bugs with cooldowns in version 3.6.0

Version 3.5.0

  • Changed/Added:
    • You can now set as many warmup/cooldown/price/limit groups as you want! You can even name them as you want.
      • Just give user "booscooldowns.yourgroupname" permission and that user will use warmup/cooldown/price/limit groups named "yourgroupname"!
      • Yes you can assign warmup/cooldown/price/limit groups just by single permission, you just have to name that groups in config all same.
  • Improved:
    • More lightweight!

Version 3.4.3

  • Fixed/Changed: only commands with set limits are now logged to users.yml "uses:", this will make users.yml file MUCH smaller and efficient.
    • It is recommended to delete your users.yml (you have to delete it while server is not running or it will be regenerated!)
  • Fixed/Changed: changes prices to use double instead of integer, this will make prices with decimals (like 1.5 etc.) usable
  • Compiled for 1.5.1 (should also work on any other old version including Tekkit)

Version 3.4.2

  • Fixed: Removed debug messages
  • Fixed: Null pointer exception caused by potion effects
  • Updated for 1.5

Version 3.4.1

  • Improved: Warmup cancel on move is now checked once every 20 server ticks (every 1 second) instead of every server tick
    • Even more lightweight!

Version 3.4.0

  • Added: potion effects during warmups! (you have to delete config.yml to see this new feature)
  • Added: you can now use "/bcd" instead of "/booscooldowns"

Version 3.3.0

  • Added: users.yml save interval to save some server memory
  • 100% more lightweight
    • Updating to this version is EXTREMELY recommended!

Version 3.2.0

  • To Do

Version 3.1.3 *CRITICAL UPDATE – if you use 1.4.6, you HAVE TO download this update!*

  • CRITICAL FIX: all that is written to users.yml is now hashed to prevent special characters error introduced in bukkit 1.4.6 (those errors caused my plugin to sometimes not be loaded on server startup)
  • You HAVE TO stop your server, delete users.yml in /plugins/boosCooldowns/ folder, then start your server again

Version 3.1.2

  • Added: Option to completely disable Limits (and logging commands to users.yml at the same time)
  • Updated to the latest version of CraftBukkit (should work on 1.4.5 too)
  • If you want to disable limits, you have to delete config.yml and restart server so you get new option in config.yml

Version 3.1.1

  • Added: Checks when some parts of configuration file are missing
  • Changed: Default Aliases was changed to something less intrusive

Version 3.1.0

  • Added: Command Signs
    • Can be used to execute any command from sign
    • Command can be run as player or as server
    • Command run from sign is same as any other command and can have cooldown, warmup, limit, price, alias...
  • Added: Permission nodes for new features including build and use permissions for signs
  • Changed: "booscooldowns.set" and "booscooldowns.reload" defaults to OP again

Version 3.0.2

  • Fixed: Command aliases not working as intended during certain circumstances.

Version 3.0.1

  • Added: "booscooldowns.norestriction" permission.
    • This permission frees player from cooldowns, prices, warmups and limits. But at the same time, player is affected by aliases you set for commands.
  • Changed: "booscooldowns.exception", "booscooldowns.reload", "booscooldowns.set" no longer defaults to OPs.
    • (OPs basically no longer have these permissions by default.)

Version 3.0.0

  • Added: command aliasing
    • Example: Player uses "/home" and it will execute command "/warp home"
    • Cooldowns/Warmups/Prices/Limits are taken from executed commands (from "/warp home" in example)

NOTE: Delete config.yml and restart server to generate new config.yml file (if you don't need aliases, you can keep your old config.yml)

Version 2.9.4

  • Bug fixes
  • Small adjustments
  • Added: PluginMetrics to track data on
  • Added: Possibility to charge for using ChatManager Global chat. Just add "globalchat: #" without "/" to prices section.

Version 2.9.3

  • Fixed: Warmup bug
  • Vault is now used only for economy (prices)
  • Dropped Vault permissions and moved to SuperPerms (you can use any SuperPerms plugin like PermissionsEX, bPermissions...)
  • Optimised code

Version 2.9.2

  • Fixed: Issues with CompatNoCheatPlus plugin.
  • Fixed: Issue that shows "You must wait 0 seconds before..." when wait time is lesser than 1 second (ex. 0,25s). It will now show "1 seconds" instead of "0 seconds".

Version 2.9.1

  • Added: possibility to set cooldown for global chat in ChatManager plugin (just put "globalchat: #" to cooldowns like any other command (just without "/"), # can be any number)

Notice: Minecraft 1.2.5 and older are no longer supported by this version! If you still have version 1.2.5, you have to use boosCooldowns 2.9.0 or older.

Version 2.9.0

  • Added: new commands to set cooldowns/prices/warmups/limits ingame! (see commands section)
  • Added: new permission for these commands
  • Fixed: some commands not usable on servers without vault/permissions.

Version 2.8.1

  • Added: better compatibility with offline-mode servers by making name matching case insensitive (plAYER will have same limits/cooldowns.. as PLAYER or player).

Version 2.8.0

  • Fixed: Rare lag when using prices
  • New: Command "/booscooldowns limits". Players can use it to show their limits and how many times they still can use limited commands.
  • New: Per-life limits and cooldowns! (Command uses and cooldowns can be cleared on death! Set it in config.yml and if you are using permissions, see permissions page!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delete config.yml to enable new features.

Version 2.7.2

  • Fixed: Command logging can now be turned off
  • New commands to clear cooldowns/warmups/uses for specific commands
  • That command is "/booscooldowns clearuses <playername> </command>"
  • That command is "/booscooldowns clearcooldowns <playername> </command>"
  • That command is "/booscooldowns clearwarmups <playername> </command>"
  • Example of command is "/booscooldowns clearuses Bob /spawn"

Version 2.7.0

  • Fixed: Cannot set to empty path error in console
  • Added: New commands (see commands at description page)
  • Added: New permissions for new commands (see commands at description page)
  • Some optimizations

Version 2.6.7

  • Fixed: Interact blocking during warmup
  • Fixed: Illegal argument exception
  • Fixed: Uses setting (you wont notice any change)
  • Hopefully Fixed: Lag and high CPU usage (tested it on my server, I had no visible lags)
  • Command parser was rewrote to more efficient way
  • To avoid any issues, please delete your users.yml file (it is not that important, but you will prevent minor issues with command limiting if you delete it). Please note, that deleting this file will reset all cooldowns and all limits!

Version 2.6.6

  • Fixed: error when subcommand is longer than previous subcommand (etc. /warp lol lole arena).

Version 2.6.5

  • Fixed: players being charged multiple times for commands

Version 2.6.4

  • Fixed: players will now not be able to bypass cooldowns using for example "/warp arena"
  • Fixed: players will now not be able to bypass cooldowns (for example for /warp arena) using for example "/warp arena gfdgdfgdfgd"
  • Changed: how commands are handled, you can now set c/w/l/p for max 3 subcommands (etc. /warp arena pvp lol).

Version 2.6.0

  • Added: Cooldown linking (used to link cooldowns between different commands, ex. use 1 command, start cooldown on 4 commands!)
  • BIG optimization
  • DELETE config.yml before you update to this version!

Version 2.5.0

  • Removed: Command blocking
  • Added: Command limiting (can be used to block them too if limit=0)
  • Fixed: Command logging
  • DELETE config.yml before you update to this version!

Version 2.4.2

  • Changed: Interaction blocking now only blocks access to containers (chest, furnace, burning furnace, brewing stand, storage minecart, enchantment table, brewing stand, dispenser, workbench, jukebox, cauldron)

Version 2.4.1

  • Fixed: Bug in command blocking (was not blocking child commands)
  • Added: Warmup cancel on gamemode change
  • Added: Interact blocking when warming up (chest access, block chages... etc.)
  • Added: New permissions for new features
  • You must delete config.yml, if updating from previous versions!

Version 2.3.0

  • Fixed: CRITICAL BUG, rendering cooldowns and prices not working, when command does not have warmup!
  • Added: Command logging to console (can be turned on/off)
  • Please delete your old config.yml if you are updating to this version

Version 2.2.3

Version 2.2.2

  • Fixed: Command blocking to work as intended (fixing ticket #13)
  • Plugin will now work like this: check if command is blocked, check if there is already started cooldown, check if there is already started warmup, start warmup or continue, start cooldown or continue, check if command have price, pay money for command or continue

Version 2.2.1 beta

  • Added: New permissions to exclude users from command blocking

Version 2.2.0 beta

  • Added: Command blocking (as Robert107 suggested)
  • Changed: config.yml structure (sorry you'll need to delete old config.yml before updating)
  • Improved: Way in which subcommands can be excluded from commands (excluding "/warp lis" from global "/warp" w/c/p...)
  • Updated: Configuration page here on website

Version 2.1.4 beta

  • Fixed: Cooldown saving on server restart (if clear_on_restart is disabled)

Version 2.1.3 beta

  • Changed: the way plugin handles basic commands and commands with parameters
  • Please see Configuration page, its updated for this new version and it't explained there

Version 2.1.2 beta

  • Fixed: reload command (/booscooldowns)

Version 2.1.1 beta

  • Prevent config.yml to be rewritten with default values on each server restart.

Version 2.1.0beta

  • Updated for 1.1R5, thanx to phrstbrn.
  • This version is not tested, thats why it's beta. If you find any bugs please open ticket.