BookSuite was originally designed to offer players vanilla-style mechanics to make up for the lack of book-related features. The focus has since shifted towards command-based book alterations.


Right click a "printing press" with a written book to copy!
A printing press is a crafting table with inverted stairs above it.
For easy press creation, sneak and place stairs on top of a crafting bench!
Original: PrintingPress - The dev went inactive and didn't supply his source. Rewrote from scratch for 1.4.6.
Ops: Do not need supplies.
Players: Copy anyone's book, uses supplies. (Supplies are ink and a normal book)
Cauldron as "eraser" block
Default: Everyone can unsign own books at cost of water, ops can unsign anyone's books for free
Usage: Right click cauldron with written book
Automatically sign books with your display name! Supports team prefix and suffixes as well.
Can be disabled in the config (enable-aliases: false)
Colored title and author
related permission for &codes in normally signed books' titles: booksuite.sign.color
Default: everyone
Aliases: booksuite, bsuite, bs
Help will display based on permissions - if a user does not have permission to use a command, it will not run or appear, and the help will be displayed instead of a denial of permission message.
Option and Usage


Permission Default
addpage <number> (optional text) While holding a Book and Quill, adds a page with your text (if any) at specified number booksuite.command.edit everyone
delpage <number> While holding a Book and Quill, removes specified page booksuite.command.edit everyone
u(nsign) Unsign book in hand booksuite.command.unsign + booksuite.command.unsign.other op
a(uthor) <new author> Set author of book in hand to <new author>, supports spaces. op
t(itle) <new title> Set title of book in hand to <new title>, supports spaces. booksuite.command.title + booksuite.command.title.other op
copy <quantity> Copy book in hand <quantity> times, default 1. Exactly the same permissions as using a press except for the command permission. booksuite.command.copy op
e(xport)|s(ave) <filename> Save books to file. If player can delete books and a book by that name already exists, the player is given 10 seconds to use /book overwrite to save anyway. booksuite.command.export everyone
f(ile)|l(oad)|u(rl) <filename|url> Import a book from plaintext. Supports formatting with BML. To import a book from url, make a paste of a flat text file. Use "/book u" to import the example book. booksuite.command.import + booksuite.command.import.other everyone, op to import other
give Import a saved book for another player. booksuite.command.give everyone
d(elete) <filename> Delete a saved book booksuite.command.delete op
l(ist) List all files in /BookSuite/SavedBooks/ booksuite.command.list everyone
reload Reload the plugin booksuite.command.reload op
update Check for updates booksuite.command.update op


Please refer to the default config.


Permissions page. Copy-friendly permissions page!


Available on Github.

Idea Credits

ShinyQuagsire - the original PrintingPress (now inactive)
jkcclemens - /book delete
Novantis - cauldrons instead of sponges as eraser blocks
Iseeicy - addpage


BookShelf by Pew446 - Completely revolutionizes using books, wonderful dev. A must.
The Library Project by jkcclemens - a book lover's dream! Scores of books for download and a server for writers.


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