iSafe v3.3


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    Nov 7, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2


Version 3.3

  • Some tweaks to permissions handling.
  • Added a lot more debug output.
  • Changed to a more lightweight metrics system.
  • Made it optional to track anonymous usage statistics.
  • Fixed a couple small issues in the _example.yml user file.
  • Separated file management from the main class to separate classes.
  • Fixed MobSpawn blacklists not working at all.
  • Added utility classes, for more less code 'chaos'.
  • Changed debug prefix. (Just for the looks)
  • Removed tons of unnecessary code.
  • Fixed the Crafting blacklist having the "KickPlayer" option, but it's code not existing. (Simple forgot to code it.. ups)
  • Added Adventure Gamemode support for each blacklist.
  • Added gamemode support for command blacklists.
  • Improved coordinate variables in the explosion debuggers.
  • Started on working with extension management. Extensions will be added sometime later.
  • Minor performance improvements related to blacklists.
  • Corrected the order events will ocurr in, for blacklists.
  • Fixed command blacklists not kicking the player.
  • Removed unnecessary plugin check.
  • Added prevention for invisibility potions
    • New permission, 'iSafe.use.potion.invisibility'.
  • Added prevention for Wither Boss explosions.
  • Added economy support for blacklists. (Requires Vault)
    • You can define the amount of money that should be withdrawed from the player.
    • You can disallow negative results. (If the player has 10$, and 20$ would be taken away, he would end up with -10$, this is what you can disallow)
    • You can choose whether iSafe shall notify the player about his loss, and customize the notify message.
    • And of course you can choose whether this should be enabled or not.
  • Supports 1.4.2

A lot of new utility classes have been created, and all configuration files have been moved to another package. So please, if you encounter any issue, please report it.