This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

iSafe - An assortment of beneficial features

Description ==

In iSafe, I concentrate on the way server Administrators are situated when managing their server, such as myself. Personally, I never feel I have all of the features I want, or need... maybe you do as well? I created iSafe to help resolve those problems. iSafe provides you, as a server Administrator, with many of those useful features that never seem to be around when needed.

Quote from iSafe:

iSafe gif

Features ==

  • 12 Different multiworld blacklists, with serveral toggable penalities & other administrive settings. Improved!
  • User files manager.
  • Auto update checker.
  • Multiple configuration files.
  • Permissions support.
    • Supports Vault and superperms. (You don't need Vault installed)
  • Security & simple AntiCheat settings.
  • IP Management settings.
  • Various fire related settings.
  • Enchantment settings.
  • Furnace & Weather settings.
  • World & TreeGrowth settings.
  • Explosion settings.
  • Flow & Piston settings.
  • BlockPhysics & BlockFade settings.
  • ForceDrop & Bucket settings.
  • Movement settings.
  • Gamemode settings.
  • Teleport & Chat settings.
  • Voidfall settings.
  • Damage & HealthRegeneration settings.
  • CreatureTarget settings.
  • Prevent invisibility potion usage.
  • Various creature settings, such as disabling endermen griefing, prevent zombies from breaking doors etc ..
  • Disable crop trampling for both mobs & players individually.
  • Handle what colors sheeps can grow their wool of.
  • Combustion settings.
  • MobSpawn blacklist for various reasons, such as spawer egg, natural etc ..
  • Alter the messages sent out by iSafe!
  • Full debug mode. (Currently under development.)
  • Mostly everything iSafe does is configurable.

Other ==

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