iSafe v3.1


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    Aug 26, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


Version 3.1

  • Fixed water buckets.
  • Removed Egg(chicken egg) mobspawn blacklist, really no need for it.
  • Updated info command.
  • Optimized the reload command.
    • It now uses a method the enable process uses.
  • Fixed 'StringIndexOutOfBoundsException' with the %command% variable.
  • Blacklist checks have been recoded.
    • Removed tons of useless checks and list creations.
    • This should improve performance.
    • No config nodes or permissions has been changed, don't worry.
  • Added permissions to the command blacklist.
  • Fixed the chat censor blacklist.
  • Fixed the command blacklist.
  • Fixed mobspawn blacklists.
  • Fixed interact blacklist having worlds in the blacklist, and the default "no defaults added." in the worlds list. (ups)
  • Added mobspawn blacklists for ChunkGen & Breeding.
  • Added crafting blacklist.
    • Blacklist items from being crafted by a player.
  • Fixed explosions causing tons of errors.
  • If explosion debug is enabled, and DisableAllExplosions is enabled, it will now log the proper explosion cause instead of "Unknown.".
  • DebugExplosions now debugs primed explosions too.
  • PrimedExplosions will not remove the entity anymore.
  • Supports 1.3.1-R2.0 / 1.3.2

This version contains important fixes to blacklists, including add-ons.

The next version (probably v3.2) will contains a rework/revamp for how iSafe handles blacklisting, including performance fixes. (Also going to see if I'll add better multi-world support)

Thanks to Gunnerrrrr for helping me locate issues.