iSafe v2.30


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    Dec 31, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


  • Added command logger. (Log every command done or tried to be done by a player)
  • Added; Prevent item pickup.
  • Added; Prevent snowballs and arrows from hitting the player.
  • Shortened imports.
  • Rewrote and fixed a lot of bugs in the mob-spawn prevention.
  • Added: Blaze, Magma Cube, Chicken, Monster/human, Mushroom, Snowman, squid and villager to mobs spawn blacklist.
  • Added prevention of taming animals.
  • Added Item Spawn prevention. (Prevent an object/item to spawn into the world)(currently only supports to disable this, no blacklist)
  • Added prevention of several Powered Creepers causes.
  • Fixed spawn bug.
  • Fixed endermen griefing.
  • Fixed a memory bug.
  • Added an additional statement and fixed Entity death.
  • Fixed and changed location for prevention of Experience Orbs.
  • Added prevention for drops when an entity dies.
  • Added prevention of entity combust. (this event runs on another priority, makes it being the first event called)
  • Added some extra statements to certain old coded features.
  • Added complete prevention for health regeneration.
  • Added blacklist prevention for health generation.
  • Added prevention of game mode changing.
  • Added more config nodes. (Version 2.30 strongly requires a config re-generation!)

I haven't had the time to test all the new features, please report to me if you find an issue.